Annenberg's Joseph Turow on Microsoft Corp. purchase of Yahoo

Microsoft Corp. today announced it is making a $44.6 billion bid to purchase Internet icon Yahoo. Professor Joseph Turow, Ph.D., the Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication, and a scholar on online privacy, marketing and new media, and the interaction of media industries, issued the following statement on the merger:

“This is about the reintegration of power in the new media world. The decision to buy Yahoo is a direct result of the decision by the Federal Trade Commission to allow Google to purchase DoubleClick. It is further evidence that, despite the appearance of unlimited choice in the new media environment, people’s online activities will be tracked and shaped by a very small number of companies who care far more about surveillance and targeted advertising than the public interest. The Federal government, which should have been the guardian of the public interest, has dropped the ball. A concerned public ought to call its political leaders to account about the problematic ways they are allowing the new digital world to develop.”