Announcing Reducing Adolescent Risk: Toward an Integrated Approach, edited by Daniel Romer


Reducing Adolescent Risk: Toward an Integrated Approach, a 500-plus page volume that summarizes presentations and discussions held at the June 2002 conference of the Adolescent Risk Communication Institute, Annenberg Public Policy Center, has just been published by Sage (Spring, 2003). The book focuses on common influences that result in a number of interrelated risk behaviors in order to design more unified, comprehensive prevention strategies.

Edited by Daniel Romer, Research Director of the Adolescent Risk Communication Institute, "this report shines a bright light on the road our nation has taken to improve adolescent health, the approaching fork, and the path most likely to attain our destination," according to Dr. Lloyd J Kolbe, Director of the Division of Adolescent and School Health at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Concentrating on common causes for varied risk behaviors, a group of leading researchers and intervention specialists from different health traditions synthesize current knowledge about risks to adolescent health in several areas, including drugs and alcohol, tobacco, unprotected sex, suicide and depression, and gambling.

Says Dr. Bruce Simons-Morton of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, "This book is clearly the best source now available on the topic of adolescent risk taking and its prevention. With chapters written by the very best people in the field, describing the latest thinking and findings, it is an essential guide and resource for prevention researchers and program developers."