ASC Undergrads Present Their Theses at Howard University

For the second straight year Annenberg undergraduate students traveled to Howard University to formally present their undergraduate theses.

The April 17 presentations were made to fourth year thesis-writers from Howard University’s School of Communication’s Annenberg Honors Program.

The presentations are an opportunity for Penn and Howard University students to present their work in a collegial academic setting.  “We have been trying to institutionalize links between the two schools,” says Professor John L. Jackson, Jr.  “We learn so much from seeing how the two schools train students to use their communication degrees to make various scholarly, cultural and policy-based interventions.”

The Annenberg communication undergraduates who presented their work include:

  • Danielle Marryshow, presenting “Commander in Speech: How Presidential War Rhetoric Has Developed Since the Demise of the War Declaration.”
  • Katherine Kelly, presenting "A Skinny Kid with a Funny Name: Barack Obama and Navigating Race in American Politics."
  • Victoria L. Recalde, presenting "Digitizing the News: A Comparison of Print and Digital Editions of National Newspapers."

Also, one of the Howard University students, Taylor-Rae Collins-Headly, will attend Annenberg this fall as a first-year doctoral student.