ASC@Penn News Digest, August 2018



Doctoral Candidate Yilang Peng: Introduction to Mobile Photography (Publishing House of Electronics Industry) (in Chinese)

Book Chapters

Professor Victor Pickard: “American Media and the Rise of Trump” in Communication in the Age of Trump (Peter Lang)

Professor Victor Pickard: “Media Activism from Above and Below: Lessons from the 1940s Reform Movement” in Media, Ideology and Hegemony (Brill)

Journal Articles

Research Director Ken Winneg and Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson: “Legacy and Social Media Respectively Influence Risk Perceptions and Protective Behaviors during Emerging Health Threats: A Multi-Wave Analysis of Communications on Zika Virus Cases” (Social Science & Medicine)

Professor Joseph N. Cappella: “Temporal Effects of Message Congruency on Attention to and Recall of Pictorial Health Warning Labels on Cigarette Packages” (Nicotine & Tobacco Research)

Research Scientist Matthew Brook O’Donnell, Doctoral Student Rui Pei, and Professor Emily B. Falk: “Adolescent Neural Responses to Antismoking Messages, Perceived Effectiveness, and Sharing Intention” (Media Psychology)

Postdoctoral Fellow Bruce Doré, Doctoral Candidate Elisa Baek, Research Scientist Matthew Brook O’Donnell, and Professor Emily B. Falk: “Brain Activity Tracks Population Information Sharing by Capturing Consensus Judgments of Value” (Cerebral Cortex) [READ MORE]

Professor Emeritus Oscar H. Gandy Jr.: “Toward a Political Economy of Nudge: Smart City Variations” (Information, Communication & Society)

Doctoral Candidate Allyson Volinsky, Research Director Laura Gibson, and Professor Robert C. Hornik: “Tobacco 21 Policy Support by U.S. Individuals Ages 13-25 Years: Evidence from a Rolling Cross-Sectional Study (2014-2017)” (American Journal of Preventative Medicine)

Professor John B. Jemmott III: “HIV Care Continuum Outcomes of Pregnant Women Living with HIV with and without Depression” (AIDS Care)

Professor John B. Jemmott III: “Effect of a Behavioral Intervention on Perpetrating and Experiencing Forced Sex Among South African Adolescents: A Secondary Analysis of a Cluster Randomized Trial” (JAMA Network Open) [READ MORE]

Professor Yphtach Lelkes: “Selling Ourselves Short? How Abbreviated Measures of Personality Change the Way We Think about Personality and Politics” (The Journal of Politics)

Professor Joseph Turow: “Persistent Misperceptions: Americans’ Misplaced Confidence in Privacy Policies, 2003-2015” (Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media)

Professor Daniel J. Hopkins: “The Exaggerated Life of Death Panels? The Limited but Real Influence of Elite Rhetoric in the 2009-2010 Health Care Debate” (Political Behavior)

Postdoctoral Fellow Bruce Doré: “Linguistic Synchrony Predicts the Immediate and Lasting Impact of Text-Based Emotional Support” (Psychological Science)

Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault: “Unpacking the Social Media Bot: A Typology to Guide Research and Policy” (Policy & Internet)

Research Reports

Postdoctoral Fellow Rayya El Zein: “Vamping the Archive: Approaching Aesthetics in Global Media” (Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication) [READ MORE]

Postdoctoral Fellow Samira Rajabi: “Mediating Possibility after Suffering: Meaning Making of the Micro-Political through Digital Media” (Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication) [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Elisabetta Ferrari: “The Hungarian Internet Tax Protests: Freedom, Modernity and the Political Power of Technology” (Internet Policy Observatory)

In the Media 

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Penn Today: “Penn Professors Mull President Trump’s Effect on Political Communications” quoted Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Lecturer Alvin Felzenberg, and Lecturer Howard Fineman.

The American Interest: “Plucking Out the Heart” reviewed Professor Damon Centola’s book How Behavior Spreads.

Wired: “Why People Can’t Resist the Viral Lure of the Kiki Challenge” quoted Professor Damon Centola.

Research by Postdoctoral Fellow Bruce Doré, Doctoral Candidate Elisa Baek, Research Scientist Matthew Brook O’Donnell, and Professor Emily B. Falk was covered in the following media outlets:

Lanación: “Usach: Experta en Data Science Inaugura Primera Jornada de Comunicación Pública” profiled Professor Sandra González-Bailón. (in Spanish)

Las Últimas Noticias: “Facebook Necesita Mejorar sus Procesos Automatizados de Detección de Fake News” profiled Professor Sandra González-Bailón. (in Spanish)

Research by Professor John B. Jemmott III was covered in the following media outlets:

New Statesman: “How Britain’s Political Conversation Turned Toxic” quoted Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

New York Times: “In Our ‘Winner-Take-Most’ Economy, the Wealth is Not Spreading” quoted Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

Christian Science Monitor: “In Tech Worker Dissent, Signs of a Broader Shift” quoted Professor Jessa Lingel.

Medium: “The Life and Death of a Small Jail Library” was written by Professor Jessa Lingel.

NBC News: “What’s Human? Instagram’s Faux Influencers Gain Real Followers” quoted Professor Jessa Lingel.

edCircuit: “Summer Reads for Teachers” recommended a book by Professor Emeritus Carolyn Marvin.

Professor Diana C. Mutz was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Longtime Penn Women’s Center Director Litty Paxton becomes Associate Dean in Annenberg” quoted Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Litty Paxton.

International News Media Association: “Facebook, Google Are Far From Struggling with Digital Advertising Revenue” quoted Professor Victor Pickard.

Public Knowledge: “Part V: We Need to Fix the News Media, Not Just Social Media” quoted Professor Victor Pickard.

Biz Women: “Gender Pay Gap Exists in the Gig Economy, Too” quoted Professor Julia Ticona.

Clean Link: “Technology Impedes Progress for Hotel Cleaners” quoted Professor Julia Ticona.

Slate: “Nannies Already Felt Like They Were Under Constant Surveillance. The Internet Has Made it Even Worse.” covered research by Professor Julia Ticona.

Axois: “Facial Recognition Edges toward the Mainstream” quoted Professor Joseph Turow.

Consumer Reports: “Drugstore Rewards Programs Can Help You Save” quoted Professor Joseph Turow.

New York Times: “Let’s Retire the Phrase ‘Privacy Policy’” was written by Professor Joseph Turow.

Pennsylvania Gazette: “A Death in South Sudan” quoted Professor Barbie Zelizer.

Rewire News: “Trump Administration is Not-So-Subtly Christianizing Foreign Policy and Aid” was written by Lecturer Murali Balaji.

Yahoo News: “Unfiltered: ‘I Got Death Threats From the Left … [and] Right’” quoted Lecturer Dwayne Booth.

Research Scientist Emile Bruneau was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

National Review: “When the Tide Comes In” referenced work by Lecturer Alvin Felzenberg.

Working Mother: “Don’t Let Insecurities of Others Interfere with Your Purpose, This Community Leader
” interviewed Lecturer Desiree Peterkin Bell.

Penn Today: “Study Finds Most Teens Avoid Rash, Impulsive Behavior” quoted Research Director Dan Romer.

Lilith: “When a Queer Feminist Professor is Accused of Harassment” was written by Dean’s Fellow Sharrona Pearl.

Research Associate Jessica Fishman’s book Death Makes the News was reviewed in the International Journal of Communication.

Christian Science Monitor: “Who Made You an Expert? Is America’s Distrust of ‘Elites’ becoming More Toxic?” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Matthew Motta.

FiveThirtyEight: “Can Science Save Politics? Or Will Politics Ruin Science?” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Matthew Motta.

The Conversation: “How the Media Falls Short in Reporting Epidemics” was written by Postdoctoral Fellow Yotam Ophir.

Cure: “Escaping and Embracing the Trauma” was written by Postdoctoral Fellow Samira Rajabi.

The Conversation: “More Republicans in the News? That’s Not Media Bias” was written by Postdoctoral Fellow Dominik Stecula.

Journalism: “Book Review: Lars Willnat, David H. Weaver and G. Cleveland Wilhoit The American Journalist in the Digital Age: A Half-Century Perspective” was written by Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang.

Reuters: “Viral Content: Vaccine Scandal Tests Beijing’s Grip on Information Control” quoted Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang. “S.3127 — Bot Disclosure and Accountability Act of 2018” referenced work by Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault.

Slate: “Regulating Bots on Social Media is Easier Said Than Done” quoted Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault.

Wired: “Is a Meme Born in a Private Account Still a Meme?” quoted Doctoral Candidate Emily Hund.

Penn Today: “What Makes Food Photos on Instagram Popular?” covered research by Doctoral Candidate Yilang Peng.

Awards & Honors

Professor Sandra González-Bailón and Professor Diana C. Mutz will serve on advisory committees with Social Science One, a research partnership between Facebook and the Social Science Research Council. [READ MORE]

Research Associate Jessica Fishman received the Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship for her book Death Makes the News.

Lecturer Desiree Peterkin Bell joined the advisory board of the American Reading Company.

Lecturer Carlin Romano has been named an inaugural Free Speech Fellow by the University of California’s National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement. [READ MORE]

Postdoctoral Fellow Bruce Doré won a Student Publication Prize from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology for his paper entitled "Helping Others Regulate Emotion Predicts Increased Regulation of One's Own Emotions and Decreased Symptoms of Depression."

Doctoral Candidate David Elliot Berman won a best student paper award from the Newspaper and Online News Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication for his paper entitled “Breaking Babel: Understanding the Dark Side of Digital News.”

At the Podium

The following Annenberg faculty and graduate students presented at the 2018 Meeting of the American Sociological Association:

  • Dean John L. Jackson Jr. — “Representations of Ghetto Life in Contemporary Hollywood Film”
  • Professor Damon Centola — “As Experimental Study of Critical Mass Dynamics,” "The Wisdom of Political Crowds: Increasing Accuracy and Reducing Polarization in Echo Chambers," and “Can the Wisdom of Crowds Increase the Accuracy of Financial Benefits?”
  • Professor Guobin Yang — “Race and Ethno-Nationalism in Bruce Lee Films”
  • Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault — “Bipartisan Social Networks Reduce Political Bias in the Interpretation of Climate Trends”

Professor Damon Centola gave an invited talk at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.

Professor Damon Centola gave an invited talk at the NCI Meeting on Misinformation and Social Media.

The Annenberg School for Communication hosted its annual Convocation ceremony, welcoming new faculty, students, and staff and officially opening the school year.

The Annenberg School for Communication co-sponsored the Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute at the University of Oxford.

The Network Dynamics Group hosted the 2018 ASA Preconference on Computational Sociology.

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