ASC@Penn News Digest, August 9


Journal Articles

Professor Yphtach Lelkes: "Binding Moral Foundations and the Narrowing of Ideological Conflict to the Traditional Morality Domain" (Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin)

Professor Diana Mutz and Doctoral Student Eunji Kim: "The Impact of Ingroup Favoritism on Trade Preferences" (International Organization)

Survey Research

The Annenberg Public Policy Center released several Annenberg Science Knowledge (ASK) surveys:

In the Media

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson has been quoted in numerous media outlets, including:

Professor Diana Mutz's research on Harry Potter and Donald Trump received media coverage:

Professor Diana Mutz has also received media attention for her research on globalization and its impact on voter attitudes:

USA Today: "Democrats court young female voters with celebrities and song" quotes Dean Michael Delli Carpini "What the Candidates (and Journalists) Can Learn From the 1948 Democratic Convention" quotes Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Director of the Institute for Public Service David Eisenhower

Philadelphia Inquirer: "Kept in the dark, by decree or by choice" is an op-ed written by Professor Barbie Zelizer

Huffington Post: "After Net Neutrality" was written by Professor Victor Pickard(Also on the London School of Economics Media Policy Project Blog.)

History News Network: "Why It’s Been So Effective to Ridicule Syria’s Bashar al-Assad as a Pathetic Finger Puppet" was written by Professor Marwan M. Kraidy

​PopMatters: "'The Naked Blogger of Cairo' Combines Erudition With Style and Wit" is a review of The Naked Blogger of Cairo by Professor Marwan M. Kraidy.

Washington Post: "The Internet was supposed to foster democracy. China has different ideas." quotes Professor Guobin Yang

London School of Economics Media Policy Project Blog: "Digital inequalities in the aisles: the quantified individual" was written by Professor Joseph Turow

Democracy Digest: "China 'waging ideological war' against Western ideas, civil society" quote Professor Guobin Yang

The Page 99 Test: "Guobin Yang's 'The Red Guard Generation'" discusses Professor Guobin Yang's newest book.

Real Life: "Masked and Anonymous" was written by Professor Sharrona Pearl.

Washington Post: "Teen drivers’ brains may hold the secret to combating road deaths" cites research by Professor Emily Falk

FiveThirtyEight: "Does Bernie Sanders Represent The Future of The Democratic Party?" was written by Professor Dan Hopkins and cites Institute for the Study of Citizenship and Politics research conducted by Hopkins and Professor Diana Mutz

Philadelphia Daily News: "Ike's grandson likes conventions" quotes Director of the Institute for Public Service David Eisenhower

FiveThirtyEight: "A Roosevelt And An Eisenhower Weigh In On the Future of the Party" quotes Director of the Institute for Public Service David Eisenhower

The Daily Pennsylvanian: "Students use DNC to prepare for fall class" covers the undergraduate class COMM 428: Conventions, Debates, and Campaigns, taught by Director of the Institute for Public Service David Eisenhower "Kelly: N.J. GOP icon Tom Kean to skip convention" quotes Lecturer Alvin Felzenberg

​Pew Research Center's FactTank: "Newspaper companies lag behind their broadcast siblings after spinoffs" was written by Doctoral Student Alex T. Williams.

Herald Community Newspapers: "What America needs: diverse newsrooms" cites research by Doctoral Student Alex T. Williams.

The Commercial Appeal Memphis: "Archer Malmo growth in Memphis highlights gap between PR and media" cites research by Doctoral Student Alex T. Williams.

The Conversation: "Will social media define the success of the Olympic Games?" was written by Doctoral Student Katerina Girginova. The story was also picked up in TIME.

Nashville Public Radio: "Nashville’s World Record Comedy-Thon Basks In The Absurdity Of Endurance Feats" is an audio story told by Doctoral Candidate Kevin Gotkin [AUDIO]

Research on the public's knowledge about GMOs by the Annenberg Public Policy Center was covered by:

Awards & Honors

Professor Diana Mutz received the David O. Sears Book Award from the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP) at the ISPP's annual meeting in July in Warsaw, Poland. READ MORE.

Professor Victor Pickard received the 2015 Frank Luther Mott – Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism & Mass Communication Research Award at the 2016 International Association for Media and Communication Research annual conference. READ MORE.

Professor Amy Jordan has been named Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication. READ MORE.

At the Podium

Fifteen Annenberg faculty and students gave presentations at the 2016 International Association for Media and Communication Research annual conference. They include Professors Victor Pickard and Barbie Zelizer; Postdoctoral Fellows Roger Caruth and Sandra Ristovska; Doctoral Candidates Lyndsey Beutin and Kate Zambon; and Doctoral Students Opeyemi Akanbi, David Elliot Berman, Leah Ferentinos, Elisabetta Ferrari, Nour Halabi, Jennifer Henrichsen, Samantha Oliver, Revati Prasad, and Natacha Yazbeck. Professor Amy Jordan also organized, chaired, and served as a respondent on a panel. ​READ MORE.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was a panelist for "Ethics Challenges, and Opportunities Working with External Data Providers" at the 2016 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference. At the same conference, Professor Victor Pickard and Doctoral Student Alex T. Williams also presented "The Costs of Risky Business: What Happens When Newspapers Become the Playthings of Billionaires?"

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson also delivered a featured presentation entitled "Effective Communication in a Polarized Environment" at the Midwestern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting

Professor Guobin Yang organized the second annual conference on Communication and the Public at the Penn Wharton China Center in Beijing. With the theme "Body, Lived Space, and Mobile Media," it included an opening keynote speech by Professor Marwan Kraidy entitled "Security, Speed, Spectacle: The Body and the War Machine in the Digital Age." Doctoral Student Rosemary Clark also presented the paper, "Toward an Intersectional Anti-Street Harassment Activism: From Locative to Local Feminist Media Praxis." Click here to see photos and press release (in Chinese). 

Professor Guobin Yang also participated in several other conferences, lectures, and workshops in China:

  • Acted as invited moderator at the 14th Chinese Internet Research Conference at Fudan University in Shanghai
  • Gave the public lecture "The Underground Press of the American New Left in the 1960s" at Soochow University in Suzhou, China
  • Lectured at the School of Journalism at Yunnan University in Kunming, China on theories of social movements and online activism
  • Acted as advisor and discussant at the "Ritual, Performance, Space" workshop organized by the School of Journalism at Yunnan University. The workshop was co-sponsored by the Annenberg School and the University of Pennsylvania, among others. 

Professor Joseph Cappella's COMM 854: Topics in Computational Social Science met at Northwestern University for an in-person meeting with their Spring semester classmates at Northwestern and the University of Wisconsin. Many continued on to the 2nd Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science held at the Kellogg School at Northwestern. 

Doctoral Candidate Tim Libert gave the talk "Deconstructing Ad Networks for Fun and Profit" at The Eleventh HOPE conference, "Taking it to Eleven."

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