ASC@Penn News Digest, Dec. 11


Journal Articles

Professor Sandra González-Bailón: "The Critical Periphery in the Growth of Social Protests" (PLOS One) READ MORE

Postdoctoral Fellow Piotr Szpunar: "Collective future thought: Concept, function, and implications for collective memory studies" (Memory Studies)

Doctoral Student Lee McGuigan: "'All the world's a shopping cart': Theorizing the political economy of ubiquitous media and markets" (New Media & Society) and "The Medium is the Marketplace: Digital Systems and the Intensification of Consumption" (Canadian Journal of Communication)

Awards & Honors

Emeritus Professor Elihu Katz generously donated his personal communications library to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel to establish the Elihu Katz Collection.

Doctoral Student Pawel Popiel won The Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy's TPRC43 Student Paper Contest with his paper, "Cease and Desist: Copyright Takedown Notices on Google Search."

Doctoral Candidate Jin Woo Kim and Doctoral Student Eunji Kim won first place in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey chapter of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (PANJAAPOR) Student Paper Competition for "Rumor Belief as Online Media Effects: Evidence from a Natural Experiment during the 2008 Election Cycle."

In the Media

Several articles profile the research of Professor Sandra González-Bailón: 

CustomerThink: "The False Tradeoff Between Customer Experience and Customer Privacy" cites the research of Professor Joseph Turow.

Mashable: "Don't count on the mainstream media to take down Donald Trump" quotes Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson.

Democratic Audit UK: "The US Stands as a cautionary tale for what happens when a media system is dominated by market values" was authored by Professor Victor Pickard.

Tech Republic: "Online tracking by news organizations is excessive, say researchers" highlights the research of Professor Victor Pickard and Doctoral Student Tim Libert.

The Atlantic: "No, Suicides Don't Rise During the Holidays" cites analysis by the Annenberg Public Policy Center and quotes Research Director Dan Romer.

New York Times: "Hillary Clinton's Toughness" describes Annenberg Public Policy Center focus groups run by Visiting Scholar Peter Hart.

The Open University Podcast: "Children and the Internet" interviews Visiting Scholar Sonia Livingstone.

BBC One: "The Xi Factor" interviews Doctoral Student Kecheng Fang. [VIDEO, but only available to watch in the UK.]

Al Jazeera: "Hunting tigers and flies: China's media crackdown" also contains interview footage with Doctoral Student Kecheng Fang. [VIDEO]

The End of Privacy Podcast: "The News Business' Dirty Data Secret" interviews Doctoral Student Tim Libert.

NBC News: "Cyber Monday: What Happens to your Data When You Shop Online?" profiles research by Doctoral Student Tim Libert.

Motherboard (Vice): "David Lynch and the Second Coming of Trancendental Meditation" was written by Doctoral Student Corrina Laughlin.

3620 Podcast: The latest episode of Annenberg's student-produced podcast is out! Episode #65: Notes on Aspiration was produced by Doctoral Student Kevin Gotkin.

At the Podium 

The Scholars Program in Culture and Communication, directed by Professor Barbie Zelizer, held its annual Scholars Symposium at the Annenberg School. Its theme this year was Digital Culture. READ MORE. There was a pre-symposium event entitled, "Meta/hacking the Internet" organized by Professor Jessa Lingel

Professor Victor Pickard was a panelist at the "Quality Journalism in Today's Digital Age" conference sponsored by the New York State Associated Press Association, Fordham University's Department of Communication and Media Studies, and WFUV FM. His panel was titled "Media Policy Matters."

Professor Marwan Kraidy presented on the panel "Arab New Media Theory: At the Intersection of Art, Technology, and Scholarship" at the Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting.

Visiting Scholar Kelly Gates presented the lecture "Big Data and State Transparency: What the Absence of Data on Police Killings Reveals" as part of the Digital Media and the Future(s) of Democracy series at Penn.

The Media Action Research Collective held a meeting in which Visiting Scholar Shiwen Wu presented a paper-in-progress titled "Contentious Discourse and Dynamic Frames: Interplay Among Online Public Opinion, Media Reporting, and Government Discourse with Respect to Social Events."

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