ASC@Penn News Digest, January 2017



Professor Joseph Turow: The Aisles Have Eyes: How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy, and Define Your Power (Yale)

Professor Barbie Zelizer: What Journalism Could Be (Polity)

Lecturer Joan Garry: Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Leadership (Wiley)

Book Chapters

Professor Klaus Krippendorff: “Design, an Undisciplinable Profession” in Design as Research (Birkhäuser)

Journal Articles

Professor Joseph N. Cappella, Research Director Erin Maloney, and Doctoral Candidate Yotam Ophir: “Potential Effectiveness of Pictorial Warning Labels That Feature the Images and Personal Details of Real People” (Nicotine & Tobacco Research) [READ MORE]

Professor Yphtach Lelkes: “The Hostile Audience: The Effect of Access to Broadband Internet on Partisan Affect” (American Journal of Political Science)

Professor Jessa Lingel: “The case for many internets” (Communication and the Public)

Professor Victor Pickard: “Media Failures in the Age of Trump” (The Political Economy of Communication)

Professor Klaus Krippendorff: “The Reliability of Multi-Valued Coding of Data” (Communication Methods and Measures)

Professor Klaus Krippendorff: “A Merger of Two Strategic (Ir)reconcilables, 1962-1980” (Cybernetics & Human Knowing)

Professor Monroe Price: “Freedom Vs. Security” (InterMedia)

Research Scientist Matthew Brook O’Donnell, Doctoral Candidate Christopher N. Cascio, and Professor Emily B. Falk: “Neural bases of recommendations differ according to social network structure” (Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience)

Postdoctoral Fellow Yoona Kang, Research Scientist Matthew Brook O’Donnell, and Professor Emily B. Falk: “Dispositional Mindfulness Predicts Adaptive Affective Responses to Health Messages and Increased Exercise Motivation” (Mindfulness) [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Aaron Shapiro: “Street-level: Google Street View’s abstraction by datafication” (New Media & Society)

Doctoral Candidate Aaron Shapiro: "Reform predictive policing" (Nature)

Survey Research & Reports

The Annenberg Public Policy Center published survey research entitled “The Continuing Rise of Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies, 1985-2015” and "Culturally Antagonistic Memes and the Zika Virus: An Experimental Test."

In the Media

NPR: “NPR/Ipsos Poll Reveals What Americans Know About the Affordable Care Act” featured Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini. [AUDIO]

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Polish Press Agency: “Pictures of real patients make an impression on smokers” was written about research by Professor Joseph N. Cappella, Research Director Erin Maloney, and Doctoral Candidate Yotam Ophir. [POLISH]

Tech Times: “Testimonial Warning Labels On Tobacco Products More Effective At Motivating Attempts To Quit Smoking: TCORS Report” was written about research by Professor Joseph N. Cappella, Research Director Erin Maloney, and Doctoral Candidate Yotam Ophir.

Washington Post: “Democrats’ policies are more popular. But Republicans are more ideologically unified.” was written by Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Arab Media & Society: “Book Excerpt: Creative Insurgency in The Naked Blogger of Cairo” and “Creative Insurgency and the Celebrity President: Politics and Popular Culture from the Arab Spring to the White House” were written by Professor Marwan M. Kraidy.

The Drexel InterView: Professor Klaus Krippendorff was a featured guest on a Season 13 episode. [AUDIO] [READ MORE]

Kansas City Star: “Trump’s call to ban flag burning is the latest round of a fiery debate” quoted Professor Carolyn Marvin.

Daily Tarheel: “Column: Is meaningful political discourse still possible?” referenced research by Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: “Deep Dish: The US Election and the Global Economy” featured Professor Diana C. Mutz as a guest. [AUDIO]

Penn Current: “Q&A with Sharrona Pearl” interviewed Professor Sharrona Pearl.

Kveller: "Is It OK To Punch A Nazi?" and "As an Immigrant, I Question If I Should Keep My Family in the U.S." were written by Professor Sharrona Pearl.

Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry: "Book Release: Pearl's Face/On" reviewed Professor Sharrona Pearl's forthcoming book.

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Jacobin: “Yellow Journalism, Orange President” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

Professor Joseph Turow was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Politico: “Julie Nixon weds David Eisenhower, Dec. 22, 1968” was written about Professor David Eisenhower.

FiveThirtyEight: "Trump's Election Doesn't Mean Americans Are More Opposed To Immigration" was written by Professor Daniel J. Hopkins, as was “Voters Really Did Switch To Trump At The Last Minute” which referenced research he conducted with Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Philadelphia Sunday Sun: “Peterkin Bell to address Black PR professionals, community members on crisis management” quoted Lecturer Desiree Peterkin Bell.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “This eclectic Annenberg class takes a look at Israeli media” quoted Visiting Scholar Zvi Reich.

Canadian Media Guild: “New CBC opinion section provides more paid writing opportunities for freelancers” was written by Visiting Scholar Errol Salamon.

The Atlantic: "What Trump Could Mean for Journalism" interviewed Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang.

Acclimatize: “An Intervention for Environmental Communication” was written by Doctoral Student Hanna E. Morris.

Nature Podcast: "Predictive policing" featured Doctoral Candidate Aaron Shapiro.

MARC Blog: “Trust, Community, and Guts: Lessons from 1971 for 2016” included contributions by Doctoral Candidate Aaron Shapiro and Doctoral Student Rosemary Clark.

Awards & Honors

Professor Klaus Krippendorff was elected as a Fellow of the International Communicology Institute.

Professor Jessa Lingel was awarded a Library of Congress Kluge Fellowship in Digital Studies. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Andrew Daniller received a top paper award from PANJAAPOR.

Doctoral Student Eunji Kim and Doctoral Candidate Jin Woo Kim received a top paper award from DCAAPOR for their paper entitled, “Proven Failure: First-Time Presidential Voting and Political Trust.”

At the Podium

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson moderated a session entitled “Where Should We Go From Here: What Should be Done to Promote the Credibility of Science?” at a Columbia University symposium.

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy presented on Media Studies in the Arab World at the 2016 annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association.

Professor Jessa Lingel led a MARC reading group discussion of Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets.

Professor Joseph Turow gave a book talk at Penn Book Center on his new book The Aisles Have Eyes.

Professor Joseph Turow gave a talk about trends in commercial data use at a U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) meeting in Washington, D.C.

Professor Guobin Yang participated in a plenary panel session titled “Futures of East Asia at the MLA.”

Professor Barbie Zelizer gave two talks at the Reuters Institute for Journalism of Oxford University, one on journalism ethics and one on communication as a field of study.

Professor Barbie Zelizer gave a keynote address entitled “Resetting Journalism in the Aftermath of Brexit and Trump” at the MeCCSA 2017 Conference.

Professor Barbie Zelizer gave a talk entitled “Journalism Ethics in the Age of Trump” at the Future of Media Ethics conference at the University of Helsinki.

Lecturer Desiree Peterkin Bell spoke at a meeting of the Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society.

Visiting Scholars Lisa Henderson and Isabel Molina-Guzmán introduced their work at a Scholars Program in Culture and Communication colloquium. [READ MORE]

Visiting Scholar Stewart Hoover gave a Scholars Program in Culture and Communication lecture entitled “(Hyper-) Mediated Religion.”

Doctoral Candidate Eleanor Marchant gave a talk entitled "Silicon Utopias: Preliminary findings from a year-long ethnography in the Silicon Savannah" at the USC Annenberg Research Network on International Communication.

Doctoral Candidate Jonathan Pace presented his paper entitled “Exchange Relations on the Dark Web” at the Fraud, Fake, and Make-Believe conference at the University of Frankfurt.

CARGC welcomed Nick Sousanis, who gave a colloquium lecture entitled “Unflattening.”

The Elihu Katz Colloquium series welcomed Sofie Marien, who gave a lecture entitled “Meeting Great Expectations Through Democratic Innovations? Studying the Effect of Citizen Involvement in Political Decision-making Processes on the Perceived Democratic Legitimacy of Political Systems.

The Graduate Program welcomed Nyasha Junior, who gave a talk on best practices for using social media as an academic.

The Scholars Program in Culture and Communication hosted its annual Scholars Program Symposium. This year’s symposium was entitled “Discourses in Action” and was directed by Professor Klaus Krippendorff. The event welcomed over 15 speakers to the Annenberg School.

The Undergraduate Program welcomed Michael Kleiman, who spoke about documentary filmmaking to the COMM 125 class. [READ MORE]

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