ASC@Penn News Digest, January 2018



Professor Sandra González-Bailón: Decoding the Social World: Data Science and the Unintended Consequences of Communication (MIT Press) [READ MORE]

Professor Monroe Price: Speech and Society in Turbulent Times: Freedom of Expression in Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press) [READ MORE]

Research Associate Jessica Fishman: Death Makes the News: How the Media Censor and Display the Dead (NYU Press) [READ MORE]

Journal Articles

Professor Joseph N. Cappella: “Communication Regulatory Science: Mapping a New Field” (Health Communication)

Research Scientist Emile Bruneau and Professor Emily Falk: “Interventions Highlighting Hypocrisy Reduce Collective Blame of Muslims for Individual Acts of Violence and Assuage Anti-Muslim Hostility” (Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin) [READ MORE]

Professor Emeritus Oscar Gandy: “On Personal Data Protection, Privacy, and Surveillance” (Communication and Society)

Professor Sandra González-Bailón: “The Contagion Effects of Repeated Activation in Social Networks” (Social Networks)

Professor Robert C. Hornik: “Does Seeking e-Cigarette Information Lead to Vaping? Evidence from a National Longitudinal Survey of Youth and Young Adults” (Health Communication)

Doctoral Candidate Yilang Peng and Professor John B. Jemmott III: “Feast for the Eyes: Effects of Food Perceptions and Computer Vision Features on Food Photo Popularity” (International Journal of Communication)

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy: “Fun Against Fear in the Caliphate: Islamic State’s Spectacle and Counter-Spectacle” (Critical Studies in Media Communication) [READ MORE]

Professor Diana C. Mutz and Doctoral Student Eunji Kim: “The Impact of In-group Favoritism on Trade Preferences” (International Organization)

Professor Barbie Zelizer: “Cold War Redux and the News: Islamic State and the U.S. Through Each Other’s Eyes” (Critical Studies in Media Communication) [READ MORE]

Postdoctoral Fellow Doron Taussig: “The Making of a President: How Presidential Candidates Become Who They Are in Biographical Campaign Materials” (Atlantic Journal of Communication)

Doctoral Candidate Opeyemi Akanbi: “Policing Work Boundaries on the Cloud” (The Yale Law Journal)

Doctoral Candidate Danny Kim: “Demographic Differences in Perceptions of Media Brand Personality: A Multilevel Analysis” (International Journal on Media Management)

Doctoral Candidate Danny Kim: “My Hero, Your Aggressor: Differences in Perceptions of News Media Brand Personality” (International Journal of Communication)

In the Media

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

NBC News: “6 Science-Backed Ways to Get More Out of Your Workout” quoted Professor Damon Centola.

Research conducted by Research Scientist Emile Bruneau and Professor Emily Falk was covered in the following media outlets:

PennCurrent: “A Year of Groundbreaking and Innovative Research” featured research by Doctoral Candidate Christin Scholz, Doctoral Candidate Elisa Baek, and Professor Emily Falk.

New York Times: “Even Imperfect Algorithms Can Improve the Criminal Justice System” was written by Professor Sandra González-Bailón.

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Wired: “The Logan Paul Video Should be a Reckoning for YouTube” quoted Professor Jessa Lingel.

Eater: “I Went to an Apocalyspe-Themed Restaurant and All I Got Was Some Lousy Pita” quoted Professor Emeritus Paul Messaris.

NPR: “How Political Media Reacted to Trump’s Vulgarity” interviewed Professor Diana C. Mutz. [AUDIO]

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Scholars Strategy Network: “How to Reduce Commercial Pressures that Encourage News Organizations to Undermine Democracy” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

Marketplace: “The Convenience Store of the Future is Always Watching” interviewed Professor Joseph Turow. [AUDIO]

PennCurrent: “Renowned Russian-American Journalist Talks Trump, Putin, and the Media” quoted Professor Barbie Zelizer.

FiveThirtyEight: “Latino Immigrants Across the U.S. Report Similar Levels of Discrimination” was written by Professor Daniel J. Hopkins.

Morning Consult: “Voters More Divided on Trump’s Performance After First Year” quoted Professor Daniel J. Hopkins.

Variety: “’Rock Steady Row,’ ‘Mr. Fish’ Win Top Slamdance Awards” recognized a documentary made about Lecturer Dwayne “Mr. Fish” Booth.

BBC World Service: “Eisenhower’s Farewell Address” interviewed Lecturer David Eisenhower. [VIDEO]

Lecturer Doug Glanville was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Cision: “Desiree Peterkin Bell Invited to Rejoin the Faculty at University of Pennsylvania as Guest Lecturer This Spring to Teach Urban Communication” quoted Lecturer Desiree Peterkin Bell. The story was covered by over 100 media outlets.

WHYY: “NewsWorks Tonight, January 8, 2018” interviewed Research Associate Jessica Fishman. [AUDIO]

J-Source: “Freelancers, Unions Use Social Media to Build Online, Offline Community” and “All the Cuts (and a Few Hires) in Canadian Journalism in 2017” were written by Postdoctoral Fellow Errol Salamon.

Vinepair: “Here’s How Aldi Makes Its Dirt-Cheap Wines Go Viral Every Time” quoted Doctoral Candidate Elisa Baek.

The Diplomat: “China’s Media Market Competition” interviewed Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang.

CheatSheet: “5 Things You Should Never Search on Google” quoted Doctoral Candidate Tim Libert.

Paste Magazine: “The Best Podcasts of 2017” was written by Doctoral Student Muira McCammon.

Roundhouse Radio: “IMPCT Sun Dec 17” interviewed Doctoral Student Hanna E. Morris. [AUDIO]

Musiqology: “What if Kendrick Lamar Wins the Grammy for Album of the Year?” was the first of a five part series written by Doctoral Candidate John Vilanova.

Awards & Honors

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson received the 2018 Everett M. Rogers Award from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault received the 2018 Institute for Research on Innovation and Science Researcher Award for a project entitled “The Network Dynamics of Interdisciplinary Research.”

Doctoral Student Jennifer R. Henrichsen was named to the Steering Committee for the Digital Security Initiative at the Open Technology Fund. Also, she was confirmed for a second year as the IAMCR Emerging Scholars Network Mentorship Coordinator.

Doctoral Student Hanna E. Morris was named the Graduate Student Representative on the International Environmental Communication Association’s Board of Directors.

At the Podium

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson participated in the Reality and Truth in Contemporary Journalism panel at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. [WATCH HERE]

Professor Damon Centola gave a lecture entitled “The Emergence of Linguistic Norms: An Experimental Study of Cultural Evolution” at the NYU Center for Data Science.

Professor Emily Falk was the moderator at the Women in Science Panel held at the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy presented a paper entitled “Igniting the Caliphate: Fire in Islamic State’s Visuality” at the Islamic Visualities and (In)Visibilities conference at Leiden University.

Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff gave an invited “Dean’s Lecture” at the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas. His lecture was entitled “Human Agency and Design in the Context of Conversations, Discourses, and Algorithms.”

Professor Diana C. Mutz participated in the Freedom in World 2018 conference.

Professor Victor Pickard gave a lecture entitled “Confronting the Misinformation Society: The Collapse of Journalism and What Can Be Done About It” at Drexel University.

Professor Joseph Turow participated in a panel discussion at the Pan-European Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection conference in Brussels.

Professor Barbie Zelizer gave a lecture entitled “From Trump to #MeToo: Why Journalism Ethics Fail” as part of being the Distinguished Guest Professor of the Faculty of Human Sciences at Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon.

Visiting Scholar Dan Schiller gave a Scholars Program in Culture and Communication colloquium entitled “What Can Looking at Organized Labor in Telecommunications Tell Us About the Transition to Digital Capitalism?.”

Postdoctoral Fellow Azeez Adebimpe presented a poster entitled “Young Adult Neural Responses to Viewing Gun Violence Videos” at the Neuroscience 2017 conference in Washington, D.C.

Postdoctoral Fellow Rayya El Zein gave a lecture entitled “Neoliberal Orientalism” at the University of Pennsylvania’s Middle East Center.

Doctoral Candidate Elisabetta Ferrari presented a paper entitled “Fake Accounts, Real Activism: Political Faking and User-Generated Satire as Activist Intervention in the Italian Public Debate” at the annual conference of the Italian Political Communication Association in Rome.

Doctoral Candidate Jonathan Pace presented a paper entitled “How to Get Away with Internet Fraud” at the All Things in Moderation conference, held at the University of California Los Angeles.

Doctoral Student Mohammed A. Salih spoke on the Kurds’ quest for independence in Iraq at a meeting of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia.

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication hosted a panel entitled “Geopolitics and Media in the Gulf” with panelists Heba Bukhari, Lina Khatib, and Marc Lynch.

The Center for Media at Risk welcomed Graeme Wood for a lecture entitled “Journalism and Risk: Vanishing Career Paths for Foreign Correspondents,” and Masha Gessen for a lecture entitled “The Media, Putin, and Trump.”

The Control Societies Speaker Series welcomed Ingrid Burrington for a lecture entitled “Zuckerburg in the Hague.”

The Media Activism Research Collective welcomed Melissa Aronczyk for a lecture entitled “The Climate of Publicity: Global Warming, Strategic Communication, and the Anxieties of Influence.”

The Scholars Program in Culture and Communication hosted an introductory colloquium featuring Visiting Scholar Dan Schiller. [READ MORE]

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