ASC@Penn News Digest, May 2017



Professor Paul Messaris: Digital Media: Transformations in Human Communication, Second Edition (Peter Lang)

Journal Articles

Professor Klaus Krippendorff: “How Do User Stories Inspire Design? A Study of Cultural Probes” (Design Issues)

Research Scientist Emile Bruneau: “Giving the Underdog a Leg Up” (Social Psychology and Personality Science)

Doctoral Student Da Eun Danny Kim: “A Unified Measure of Media Brand Personality: Developing a Media Brand Personality Scale for Multiple Media” (International Journal on Media Management)

Doctoral Candidate Yilang Peng: “Time Travel with One Click: Effects of Digital Filters on Perceptions of Photographs” (Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)

Survey Research & Reports

Doctoral Student Jennifer R. Henrichsen: “Electronic Communications Surveillance: What Journalists and Media Organizations Need to Know” (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)

In the Media

National Review: “The Political-Knowledge Gender Gap” quoted Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Research by Research Scientist Matthew Brook O’Donnell, Doctoral Candidate Christopher N. Cascio, and Professor Emily B. Falk received media coverage, including:

Marketplace: "Why Ramadan is a Big Deal for Arab TV Networks" interviewed Professor Marwan M. Kraidy. [AUDIO]

The New Arab: “The Arab World’s Obsession with Reality TV” quoted research by Professor Marwan M. Kraidy.

ZDNet: “Digital Countercultures and the Struggle for Community, Book Review: Alternatives to the Dominant Narrative” recommended a book by Professor Jessa Lingel.

Entertainment Weekly: “5 Books to Read More About Roger Ailes’ Controversial Legacy” recommended a book by Professor Diana C. Mutz.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Weekly Book List, May 12, 2017” recommended a book by Professor Sharrona Pearl.

New Books Network: “Face/On: Face Transplants and the Ethics of the Other” interviewed Professor Sharrona Pearl. [AUDIO]

Times Higher Education World University Rankings: “New and Noteworthy – 18 May 2017” recommended a book by Professor Sharrona Pearl.

The Conversation: “Can Charity Save Journalism from Market Failure?” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

The Nation: “It’s Not Too Late to Save Net Neutrality From a Captured FCC” was written by Professor Victor Pickard. “Trump’s FCC Just Moved Closer to Destroying Net Neutrality. Here’s How You Can Fight Back” quoted him.

TV Insider: “What the $3.9B Sinclair Acquisition of Tribune Media Means for Viewers Like You” quoted Professor Victor Pickard.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Turow’s ‘Aisles Have Eyes’: How Sellers Track Us, and How to Fight Back” recommended a book by Professor Joseph Turow.

The State Journal: “Aisles Have Eyes, But Consumers Put Data on Display” recommended a book by Professor Joseph Turow.

Yahoo: “Facebook Has Ability to Let Advertisers Know When Teens Feel ‘Worthless.’ What are the Implications?” quoted Professor Joseph Turow.

Liberation: “Si l’ère Trump est un défi pour la profession de journaliste, c’est aussi une grande opportunité de changement” interviewed Professor Barbie Zelizer. (in French)

Forbes: “Batman’s Little-Known Co-Creator Gets His Screen Debut” was written by Professor Peter Decherney.

Daily Beast: “Watergate Burglar Howard Hunt Was William Buckley’s Deep Throat” was written by Lecturer Alvin S. Felzenberg.

MSNBC: “Hardball May 24, 2017” interviewed Lecturer Alvin S. Felzenberg.

New York Times: “William F. Buckley and the Odyssey of Conservatism” recommended a book by Lecturer Alvin S. Felzenberg.

Yale Books Unbound: "Ep. 28 - The Life and Politics of William F. Buckley" interviewed Lecturer Alvin S. Felzenberg.

Penn Spotlights: “140 Years of Women’s Voices at Penn” quoted Lecturer Felicity Paxton.

RadioTimes with Marty Moss-Coane: “Breaking Down Ideological Battle Lines” interviewed Research Scientist Emile Bruneau. [AUDIO]

NPR Code Switch: “The Modern Newsroom is Stuck Behind the Gender and Color Line” quoted Doctoral Candidate Alex T. Williams.

The Ringer: “The Long Fight for the Future of the Internet” quoted Doctoral Candidate Alex T. Williams.

Awards & Honors

Eleven Annenberg faculty and students won awards at the 2017 International Communication Association (ICA) Conference in San Diego.

  • Professor Emily B. Falk won the 2017 ICA Young Scholar Award, which recognizes an excellent body of work produced within seven years of earning a Ph.D. [READ MORE]
  • Professor Marwan M. Kraidy won the 2017 ICA Outstanding Book Award and the 2017 Best Book in Global Communication and Social Change Award from the ICA GCSC division, both for The Naked Blogger of Cairo. [READ MORE]
  • Professor Klaus Krippendorff won the ICA Mass Communication Division’s Innovation Award for Methods. [READ MORE]
  • Professor Jessa Lingel won the James W. Carey Urban Communication Award. [READ MORE]
  • Professor Amy Jordan was named an ICA Fellow. [READ MORE]
  • Top Paper Awards were received by: Professor Emily Falk, Research Scientist Matthew Brook O’Donnell, Postdoctoral Fellow Yoona Kang, Doctoral Candidate Elissa Kranzler, Doctoral Student Prateekshit Pandey, Doctoral Student Rui Pei, and Doctoral Candidate Christin Scholz. [READ MORE]

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy was elected to the American Council of Learned Societies Board of Directors.

Doctoral Student Joshua Becker and Doctoral Candidate Elissa Kranzler were awarded Russell Ackoff Fellowships. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Rosemary Clark-Parsons and Doctoral Student Rachel N. Stonecipher received the 2017 James D. Woods Award, recognizing outstanding teaching by a graduate student.

At the Podium

Over 70 Annenberg faculty and students presented at the annual ICA conference. For a full list of presentations, click here.

Professor Jessa Lingel and Professor Sharrona Pearl gave a joint book talk at the Penn Bookstore.

Professor Barbie Zelizer gave talks at the University of Helsinki and the University of Stockholm.

Research Scientist Emile Bruneau was a panelist at WHYY’s “The Search for Truth in an Age of Fake News” event.

The Annenberg Undergraduate Program held its annual graduation ceremony. Seth Grossman (C’01) gave the graduation speech [READ MORE], and eight students received awards [READ MORE].

The Annenberg Graduate Program held its annual graduation ceremony. [READ MORE]

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