ASC@Penn News Digest, May 4


Journal Articles


Professor Jessa Lingel: "Incoded counter-conduct: What the incarcerated can teach us about resisting mass surveillance" (First Monday)

Professor Robert Hornik: "Measuring Campaign Message Exposure and Public Communication Environment Exposure: Some Implications of the Distinction in the Context of Social Media" (Communication Methods and Measures)

ASC alum and former Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) Postdoc Jeffrey Gottfried (Gr'12); ASC alum and APPC Distinguished Research Fellow Bruce Hardy (Gr'10); APPC Distinguished Research Fellow R. Lance Holbert; ASC Alum and APPC Managing Director of Survey Research Ken Winneg (Gr'09); and Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson: "The Changing Nature of Political Debate Consumption: Social Media, Multitasking, and Knowledge Acquisition" (Political Communication)

Doctoral Student Jiaying Liu and Professor Robert Hornik: "Measuring Exposure Opportunities: Using Exogenous Measures in Assessing Effects of Media Exposure on Smoking Outcomes" (Communication Methods and Measures)

Postdoctoral Fellow Angeline (LeeAnn) Sangalang: "Testing the explanatory power of two measures on narrative involvement: An investigation of the influence of transportation and narrative engagement on the process of narrative persuasion" (Media Psychology) and "The effect of relational and interactive aspects of parasocial experiences on attitudes and message resistance" (Communication Reports)

Doctoral Student Elisabetta Ferrari: "Social media for the 99%? Rethinking social movements' identity and strategy in the corporate web 2.0" (Communication and the Public)

In the Media

ChinaFile: Professor Guobin Yang contributed commentary to "Fifty Years Later, How Is the Cultural Revolution Still Present in Life in China?"

KCRW's To the Point: "The Battle for New York" included an interview with Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson.

Background Briefing with Ian Masters: "Commercialism Trumps Democracy; A Critique of Bernie Sanders From the Left; What's Behind Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis" featured an interview with Professor Victor Pickard.

The Atlantic: "Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" cites several studies by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Several outlets cited the Annenberg Public Policy Center's research on the use of social media during Presidential debates, including:

​​Forbes: "Programmatic Is Dead, Long Live The Programmable Age" quotes Professor Joseph Turow

Daily Pennsylvanian: "Defining diversity: LGBTQ faculty often find themselves outside the bounds" quotes Professor Jessa Lingel.

Chronicle of Higher Education: The Chronicle's April 24 News section mentions Professor Marwan Kraidy's Carnegie Fellowship. 

MSNBC: Doctoral Student Natalie Herbert was on camera asking a question of Senator Bernie Sanders [VIDEO] during the recent Democratic Town Hall in Philadelphia. 

okayplayer: "​9th Wonder Is Teaching A Master Class On Sampling & Beat-Making At UPenn Tonight" and UPROXX: "9th Wonder's Teaching a Master Class on Sampling" covered the recent master class held at Annenberg by 9th Wonder and Crew. 

Awards & Honors

The Annenberg Public Policy Center's won Webby Awards for Best Political Blog/Website and the People's Voice Webby in the same category.

Doctoral Students Natalie Herbert, Stella Lee, Sijia Yang, and Doctoral Candidate Lori Young were awarded the Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowship from the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center.

The Chinese Government awarded Doctoral Candidate Jingwen Zhang a 2015 National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Study Abroad [link in Chinese]. Professor John Jemmott spoke at the award ceremony at the Chinese Consolate in New York. 

Doctoral Candidate Sandra Ristovska was awarded a President Gutmann Leadership Award by the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) at Penn.

Doctoral Student Rachel Stonecipher was one of 10 graduate students University-wide to receive the Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students.

At the Podium

The Center for Global Communication Studies held the event "Monroe E. Price & The Center for Global Communication Studies: Celebrating the Founding Decade and Director" at Annenberg in tribute to Professor Monroe Price. View photos from the event here

Professor Sandra González-Bailón gave the invited talk "Communication Networks and Large-Scale Coordination (or Can We Use Social Media as an Early-Warning Device?)" at the New Directions in Computational Social Science & Data Science Symposia.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson gave the MIller-Converse Lecture at the University of Michigan. Her lecture was titled, "Can Political Advertising Pervert Policy-Making?"

Communication Neuroscience Lab members made several presentations at the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society Annual Conference:

Professor Sharrona Pearl was on the panel "Passive Decisions: Rosenzweig and Derrida on the Political" at the annual Gruss Colloquium at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at Penn.

Visiting Scholar Hilde Van den Bulck gave the talk, "All About the Narrative: From Media Policy to Celebrity Activism" at the Annenberg School. 

The National Committee on U.S. China Relations hosted Postdoctoral Fellow Maria Repnikova for her talk "China and the World: Russia." The event audio is available here, and a related podcast is available here

Postdoctoral Fellow Qinghua (Candy) Yang presented "The Lagged Effect of E-Cigarette Information Seeking on Intention to Use E-Cigarettes Among Youth and Young Adults" at the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication. Co-authors on her research included Doctoral Student Jiaying Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow Kirsten Lochbuehler and Professor Robert Hornik.

Postdoctoral Fellow Angeline (LeeAnn) Sangalang also presented at the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication with the talk, "The Impact of Perceived Similarity on Young Adults’ Electronic Cigarette Perceptions and Attitudes."

Doctoral Candidate Eleanor Marchant gave a keynote speech at the DBA Africa Management Review Conference Doctoral Colloquium at the University of Nairobi Business School.

Doctoral Candidate Tim Libert presented the talk "Web-Scale Regulatory Failure" at the Princeton CITP/University of Vienna MiLab Doctoral Workshop in Vienna.

Doctoral Student Kecheng Fang was a panelist at Freedom House for the event "Media Freedom in China: Recent Trends, Challenges, and Implications for U.S. Business Interests."

The Center for Global Communication Studies Internet Policy Lunchtime Series held the event "Internet & Rights: Digital Constitutions and 'National' Internet Governance" with Visiting Scholar João Neto, Doctoral Student Elisabetta Ferrari, and Lex Gill

Sponsored by the Media Activism Research Collective, Jin Cao of Fudan University spoke at Annenberg, giving the lecture "Queer Cyberspace and the Role of 'Tongzhi' (LGBT) Grassroots Organizations in China"

The Media Activism Research Collective, along with Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies at Penn, hosted the graduate student conference "PROTEST." Doctoral Student Rowan Howard-Williams gave the talk "Divestment Protests and the Moral Politics of Climate Change.” Professors Jessa Lingel and Guobin Yang were both panel moderators.

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