ASC@Penn News Digest, November 2020


Journal Articles

Doctoral Candidate Tian Yang and Professor Sandra González-Bailón: “Exposure to News Grows Less Fragmented with an Increase in Mobile Access” (PNAS) [READ MORE]

Professor Robert C. Hornik, Doctoral Student Ava Kikut, Doctoral Student Emma Jesch, Doctoral Candidate Chioma Woko, Doctoral Candidate Leeann Siegel, and Doctoral Candidate Kwanho Kim: “Association of COVID-19 Misinformation with Face Mask Wearing and Social Distancing in a Nationally Representative US Sample” (Health Communication)

Postdoctoral Fellow Bradley Mattan: “Regional and Network Neural Activity Reflect Men’s Preference for Greater Socioeconomic Status during Impression Formation” (Nature Scientific Reports)

Doctoral Student Florence Zivaishe Madenga: “From Transparency to Opacity: Storytelling in Zimbabwe under State Surveillance and the Internet Shutdown” (Information, Communication & Society)

Doctoral Candidate Pawel Popiel: “Addressing Platform Power: The Politics of Competition Policy” (Journal of Digital Media & Policy)

Book Reviews, Commentaries, and Essays

Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini: “When Worlds Collide: Contentious Politics in a Fragmented Media Regime” (U.S. Election Analysis 2020: Media, Voters and the Campaign)

Postdoctoral Fellow Samantha Moore-Berg, Doctoral Candidate Jacob M. Parelman, Professor Yphtach Lelkes, and Professor Emily Falk: “Neural Polarization and Routes to Depolarization” (PNAS)

Professor Diana C. Mutz and Doctoral Student Sam Wolken: “Vote Switching from 2016 to 2020” (U.S. Election Analysis 2020: Media, Voters and the Campaign)

Professor Victor Pickard: “A New Horse Race Begins: The Scramble for a Post-Election Narrative” (U.S. Election Analysis 2020: Media, Voters and the Campaign)

Professor Joseph Turow: “Journalism and the Voice Intelligence Industry” (Digital Journalism)

Research Director Dan Romer: "Reanalysis of the Effects of 13 Reasons Why: Response to Bridge et al." (PLOS One)

In the Media

Los Angeles Times: “Why It’s Wrong to Assume Race Should Dictate Voting Patterns” was written by Dean John L. Jackson, Jr.

Philadelphia Tribune: “Why Racism Can Fool Us Every Time” was written by Dean John L. Jackson, Jr.

Yes! Magazine: “What the Rest of the World Knows: The 25% Tipping Point” quoted Professor Damon Centola.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “New Penn Lecture Series Examines Systemic Racism in Public Health, Criminal Justice, Education” quoted Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Annenberg Study Finds that Mobile Phones Lead Users to Access Diverse News Stories” quoted Doctoral Candidate Tian Yang and Professor Sandra González-Bailón.

Book Riot: “Beyond 2020: The Deeper Story of American Politics in Trump Era” recommended Professor Sarah J. Jackson’s book #HashtagActivism.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

PhDemystified Podcast: “Go Where Your Excitement Takes You” interviewed Professor David Lydon-Staley. [AUDIO]

ABC News: “Donald Trump Is Rolling Out 2016’s Greatest Hits. Will that Work at the 2020 US Election?” quoted Professor Diana C. Mutz.

The Atlantic: “America Won” quoted Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Marketplace: “Retailers are Turning to Virtual Storefronts this Holiday Season” interviewed Professor Joseph Turow. [AUDIO]

WHYY: “Both Parties Have Important Lessons to Learn from Election Day” was written by Lecturer Murali Balaji.

Med India: "Netflix Series May Not Be Linked to High US Suicide Rates" quoted Research Director Dan Romer.

South China Morning Post: “From 2NE1 to Sistar’s Hyolyn, Female K-Pop Stars in the Driver’s Seat Move to Extend Their Careers and Go in New Directions” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Jinsook Kim.

Center for Media at Risk Reflections: Doctoral Student Adetobi Moses interviewed Dr. Ifeanyi McWilliams Nsofar for a Q&A.

Thinkalong: “Demonstrating Critical Media Literacy Skills on TikTok” was written by Doctoral Student Azsaneé Truss.

Research from the Annenberg Public Policy Center was covered in the following media outlets:

Awards & Honors

Professor Jessa Lingel was awarded an SSRC Just Tech COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant for a project entitled “COVID-19 and New Norms of Surveillance: BIPOC Perspectives on Public Health.”

At the (Virtual) Podium

At the 2020 National Communication Association (NCA) conference, the following Annenberg faculty and students presented research: Professor Robert C. Hornik, Postdoctoral Fellow Nina Lauharatanahirun, Doctoral Student Lauren Bridges, Doctoral Student Arlene Fernández, Doctoral Student Shengchun Huang, Doctoral Candidate Kwanho Kim, Doctoral Student Jeanna Sybert, Doctoral Candidate María Celeste Wagner, Doctoral Candidate Tian Yang, and Doctoral Candidate Alvin Zhou. In addition, Professor Guobin Yang attended the NCA panel on the new book series “U.S.-China Relations in the Age of Globalization” as member of series editorial board. [READ MORE]

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson led a two-day communications training workshop for new White House Fellows in conjunction with the Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, and she co-convened a retreat on science and the courts with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the Annenberg Foundation Retreat at Sunnylands.

Professor Jessa Lingel was a panelist for a Yale University event entitled “Cutting Edge Queer Studies.”

Professor Diana C. Mutz was a panelist for Penn Arts & Sciences event entitled “Political Scientists Talk Politics: Making Sense of the 2020 Election.”

Professor Guobin Yang gave a University of Toronto lecture entitled “Information Future(s) Through the Past: Cybernetics, Information Technology and China's Internet Age,” served on the Philadelphia Panel on COVID-19 and US-China relations of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations 2020 “China Town Hall” Webinar, and attended “Revisiting Online Communities: A Digital Culture Symposium” as organizer and discussant.

Visiting Scholar Young Mie Kim delivered a Center for Media at Risk lecture entitled “Covert Influence: How Undisclosed Campaigns on Digital Media Steal American Democracy.”

Doctoral Candidate Jennifer R. Henrichsen gave a presentation titled, "Risks and Resilience to Information Security Education in Journalism Schools: A Case Study of the United States" during the OsloMet Conference.

The Annenberg Conversations on Race series welcomed Elizabeth K. Hinton, Dixa Ramírez D’Oleo, Ren Ellis Neyra, Vanessa Díaz, and Brandy Monk-Payton for a roundtable discussion entitled “Situating the Kardashians: Skin, Theft, Ops.”

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication welcomed Maria Repnikova for a colloquium entitled “The Fragmented Spectacle of Chinese Soft Power in Africa.”

The Center for Media at Risk and the Center on Digital Culture & Society jointly hosted alum Sun-ha Hong (Ph.D. '16) for a book talk on Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society.

The Center on Digital Culture & Society welcomed Morgan G. Ames for a colloquium entitled “The Charisma Machine: The Life, Death, and Legacy of One Laptop per Child.”

The Elihu Katz Colloquium Series welcomed Aaron Trammell for a talk entitled “Hobbyists: The Historical Roots of White Geek Masculinity.”

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