ASC@Penn News Digest, October 2016



Professor Marwan M. Kraidy: Global Media Studies (Wiley)

Professor Joseph Turow: Media Today: Mass Communication in a Converging World, 6th edition (Routledge)

Visiting Scholar Errol Salamon: Journalism in Crisis: Bridging Theory and Practice for Democratic Media Strategies in Canada (University of Toronto Press)

Book Chapters

Professor Sandra González-Bailón and Doctoral Student Sijia Yang: "Semantic Networks and Applications in Public Opinion Research" in The Oxford Handbook of Political Networks (Oxford University Press)

Journal Articles

Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff: “On the reliability of unitizing textual continua: Further developments” (Quality & Quantity)

Professor Diana C. Mutz: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald” (Political Science & Politics)

Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault: “Growing Bot Security: An Ecological View of Bot Agency” (International Journal of Communication)

Doctoral Candidate Katerina Girginova: “Rio 2016: Olympic audiences and publishing publics” (Communication and the Public)

Survey Research & Reports

The Annenberg Public Policy Center released survey research about viewers knowledge increase after the first presidential debate.

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication released “CARGC Report 1: The Use of IVR to Support Monitoring and Evaluation of Media Interventions.”

In the Media

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane: “Clinton vs. Trump, take two” featured Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini as a guest. [AUDIO]

Vox: “2 pretty understandable reasons so few young voters are excited about Hillary Clinton” quoted research by Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini.

The Emory Wheel: “Former Black Panther Chairperson Talks Reform, Empowerment” cited research by Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Good Sundays have everyone living on Wentz Street” quoted Professor Carolyn Marvin.

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine: “Political Science & Politics Special Issue: Elections in Focus” quoted research by Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Inverse: “Can Harry Potter Swing the Election?” quoted research by Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Chronicle Vitae: “The Importance of Talking Explicitly About Race” was written by Professor Sharrona Pearl.

Kveller: “How I Shocked Myself By Taking A Knee During The National Anthem” was written by Professor Sharrona Pearl.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Faculty members must now report sexual violence under Title IX” quoted Professor Sharrona Pearl.

Origins: “Media and Politics in the Age of Trump” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

The Atlantic: “Amazon Wants to Scan Your License Plate” quoted Professor Joseph Turow.

The Atlantic: “Incessant Consumer Surveillance Is Leaking Into Physical Stores” is a Q&A with Professor Joseph Turow.

NPR: “Is Omnichannel Marketing Finally Going From Retail Dream to Reality?” quoted Professor Joseph Turow.

China Policy Institute Analysis: “Translation in Activism and Cyber-Nationalism in China” was written by Professor Guobin Yang.

Re.Framing Activism Blog: “The Return of Revolutionary Narratives and the Future of Revolution” was written by Professor Guobin Yang.

The New York Review of Books: “China: The Virtues of the Awful Convulsion” reviewed Professor Guobin Yang’s book The Red Guard Generation and Political Activism in China.

FiveThirtyEight: “The Party That Loses This Year Could Still Win A Big Consolation Prize” was written by Professor Daniel J. Hopkins.

NewsWorks: “Working and Poor: An overlooked constituency, issue on campaign trail” quoted Professor Daniel J. Hopkins.

Los Angeles Times: “The 2016 Election Became the Year of the Meme” quoted APPC Postdoctoral Fellow Ben Lyons.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Why Donald Trump is a ‘click-bait candidate’ and Hillary Clinton is too” quoted Doctoral Student David Elliot Berman.

Re.Framing Activism Blog: “’Words and Actions’: Donald Trump, Rape Culture, and Hashtag Feminism” was written by Doctoral Candidate Rosemary Clark.

Foreign Affairs: “China’s New Media” was written by Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang.

Business Insider: “Monday’s presidential debate was censored in China – but that didn’t stop people from watching” quoted Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang.

South China Morning Press: “There’s no debate – censorship limits live access in China to Clinton-Trump face-off” quoted Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang.

Welt: “Hier schimpft und zetert die Kanzlerin ganz offen” quoted Doctoral Student Elisabetta Ferrari (in German).

Columbia Journalism Review: “Employment picture darkens for journalists at digital outlets” was written by Doctoral Candidate Alex T. Williams.

Politico: “Another turncoat endorsement – debate ratings bonanza – 2016 cable news biz boost” quoted Doctoral Candidate Alex T. Williams.

Awards & Honors

Professor Daniel J. Hopkins and Senior Research Scientist Amy Bleakley were named Senior Fellows at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. READ MORE.

At the Podium

Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini gave a lecture entitled “Democracy at a Crossroad: Media, Politics, and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election” as part of the FOCUS on Health and Leadership for Women lunchtime seminar series at the Perelman School of Medicine.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson gave a public lecture entitled “The Demise of ‘Fact’ in Political Discourse” at the University of Missouri.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson gave a TedXMidAtlantic talk.

As part of the Public Classroom @ Penn Museum series “Science and Race: History, Use, and Abuse,” Professor John L. Jackson, Jr. participated in a panel discussion entitled, “Biomedicine and Race.”

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy presented on his new book The Naked Blogger of Cairo at Universiteit Leiden in The Hague and at Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Amsterdam.

Professor Victor Pickard gave a lecture at the Center for Media, Data and Society at Central European University’s School of Public Policy in Budapest, Hungary.

Professor Victor Pickard gave a lecture entitled “Democracy Without Journalism: Understanding the Roots of Policy Failure and Discursive Capture” at Universite De FriBourg in Switzerland.

Professor Guobin Yang gave a talk entitled “A Structural Transformation of the Chinese Virtual Sphere? Emotion, Reason, and Perverse Publicity” at the East Asia Center at the University of Virginia.

Professor Barbie Zelizer gave a talk at the Third National Congress of Science Communication in Helsinki, Finland. [VIDEO]

Three Annenberg faculty and students presented at the Association of Internet Researchers 2016. They include Professor Victor Pickard: “Internet Rules and the Cool Capitalism of Silicon Valley,” Professor Joseph Turow: “Standards rule? Regulations, literacies and algorithms in times of transition,” and Doctoral Student Elisabetta Ferrari: “Keeping it Fake: Exploring User-Generated Political Fakes and Their Publics.”

Lecturer Joan Garry is the nonprofit expert on NBC’s new reality show Give.

Senior Research Scientist Amy Bleakley participated in a panel discussion for National Cyber Security Awareness Month at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Visiting Scholar Stewart M. Hoover gave a Scholars Program Colloquium talk at the Annenberg School entitled “The Protestant Sources of American Media.”

George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow Sandra Ristovska gave a talk entitled “Documenting Human Rights Violations: Lessons from WITNESS, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International” as part of the Visual Jurisprudence Lecture Series sponsored by the Visual Law Project at Yale Law School.

The Scholars Program in Culture and Communication hosted their annual SummerCulture Colloquium, during which eight doctoral students gave research presentations: Kecheng Fang, Leah Ferentinos, Elisabetta Ferrari, Katerina Girginova, Nour Halabi, Samantha Oliver, Aaron Shapiro, and John Vilanova. READ MORE.

Doctoral Candidate Eleanor Marchant gave a presentation entitled "Narratives & Stories of Social Progress: An ethnography of ICTs and entrepreneurship in Nairobi" at ICA Africa, the first regional ICA conference in Africa.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center welcomed Vice President Joe Biden for a tour and meeting with researchers and staff.

The Annenberg School hosted Professional Development Day, bringing back 15 alumni to share career advice with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. READ MORE.

The Annenberg School welcomed Daniel C. Hallin, who spoke about his book Making Health Public: How News Coverage is Remaking Media, Medicine, and Contemporary Life.

The Elihu Katz Colloquium Lecture series welcomed Mario Luis Small, who gave the talk “Someone To Talk To.”

TCORS welcomed James D. Sargent, who taught a seminar entitled “E-cigarettes and Adolescent Smoking,” and Zheng Joyce Wang, who taught a seminar entitled “The Dynamics of Media Processing and Use.”

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