ASC@Penn News Digest, October 2020


Book Chapters

Professor Victor Pickard: “The Public Media Option: Confronting Policy Failure in an Age of Misinformation” in The Disinformation Age: Politics, Technology, and Disruptive Communication in the United States (Cambridge University Press)

Professor Julia Ticona: “Invisible Work, Visible Workers: Visibility Regimes in Online Platforms for Domestic Work” in Beyond the Algorithm: Qualitative Insights for Gig Work Regulation (Cambridge University Press)

Journal Articles

Professor Joseph N. Cappella: “Where We Go From Here: Health Misinformation on Social Media” (American Journal of Public Health)

Professor Sarah J. Jackson guest edited a special collection entitled “Virtual Issue: Critical Race and Decolonial Interventions in Communication Theory” (Communication Theory)

Research Director Dan Romer: "Overview of Youth (USA)" (Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies)

Alum Elena Maris (Ph.D. ’18), alum Tim Libert (Ph.D. ’18), and Doctoral Candidate Jennifer R. Henrichsen: “Tracking Sex: The Implications of Widespread Sexual Data Leakage and Tracking on Porn Websites” (New Media & Society)

In the Media

Los Angeles Times: “Op-Ed: Why Fact-Checking and Reason Can’t Counteract Conspiracy Theories or Racism” was written by Dean John L. Jackson, Jr.

Atlanta Magazine: "Behind Georgia’s Covid-19 Dashboard Disaster" quoted Professor Joseph N. Cappella.

National Communication Association: “Why Conflicting Recommendations About E-Cigarettes May Influence Smokers’ Healthy Behaviors” covered research by alum Natalie Herbert (Ph.D. ’20), alum Sijia Yang (Ph.D. ’19), alum Yotam Ophir (Ph.D. ’18), and Professor Joseph N. Cappella.

Scientific American: “Why Social Media Makes Us More Polarized and How to Fix It” was written by Professor Damon Centola.

34th Street Magazine: "How to Talk About Politics with Professor Michael Delli Carpini" interviewed Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Penn Today: “Panelists ‘Lay Out the Stakes’ of Civil Discourse” quoted Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Jeb Bush and Julián Castro Criticize Trump’s Divisive Rhetoric at 2020 Silfen Forum” mentioned Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Knowledge at Wharton: “Better Communication Through Neuroscience” covered research by Professor Emily Falk.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “New Co-Director of Annenberg Media Center Will Lead Studies on Black Voices in Politics” quoted Professor Sarah J. Jackson.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Penn Prof., Former NAACP President Analyze How Social Media Shapes Discourse at Penn Event” quoted Professor Sarah J. Jackson and Visiting Scholar Ben Jealous.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

New York Times: “If Trump Loses the Election, What Happens to Trumpism?” quoted Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

USA Today: “Election Forecasts Helped Elect Trump in 2016. It Could Happen Again in 2020.” was written by Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Annenberg Launches New Lab to Study Addiction and Emotions in Adolescents” quoted Professor David Lydon-Staley.

6 ABC: "Agree to Disagree? How to Talk Politics in a Politically Divided Household." quoted Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Common Dreams: "Post-Election We Need a Bold Plan for Journalism" was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

The Nation: “The Infodemic” reviewed Professor Victor Pickard's book Democracy without Journalism?.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Annenberg Prof. Launches Lab to Study Health Effects of Marketing on Marginalized Populations” quoted Professor Andy Tan.

Dissent Magazine: “Essential and Untrusted” was written by Professor Julia Ticona.

NPR: “Facebook Keeps Data Secret, Letting Conservative Bias Claims Persist” quoted Professor Duncan Watts.

Penn Today: "The Role of Data in a World Reshaped by COVID-19" interviewed Professor Duncan Watts.

Deep News: “How Local News is Buried on Google: A Conversation with Sean Fischer and Dr. Kokil Jaidka” interviewed Doctoral Candidate Sean Fischer.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Annenberg Creates Task Force to Support its International Students Amid COVID-19 Pandemic” quoted Doctoral Student Shengchun Huang, Doctoral Student Sophie Maddocks, Doctoral Student Florence Zivaishe Madenga, and Doctoral Candidate María Celeste Wagner.

News India: “25 Years Later Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Still a Hit” quoted Doctoral Student Roopa Vasudevan.

#TakeOnFake: "2020 Election: How to Navigate Voting Misinformation" interviewed Staff Member Angelo Fichera. [VIDEO]

KYW Newsradio: "Flashpoint: Men of Color & Pres. Trump, Factchecker on Conspiracies & #CHALKITUP" interviewed Staff Member Saranac Hale Spencer.

Awards & Honors

Professor Andy Tan received an R21 award from NIDA to study the impacts of the new Massachusetts law on tobacco use behaviors among youth and adults.

Professor Julia Ticona received a grant from the National Science Foundation to study how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting gig workers.

Doctoral Student Kelly Diaz was selected as a 2020-21 Lipman Fellow. [READ MORE]

At the (Virtual) Podium

Dean John L. Jackson, Jr. delivered the 2020 Anthropology Annual Lecture at York University and the Centre for Ethnography’s 2020 Distinguished Lecture at the University of Toronto Scarborough. In addition, he was a panelist for ECS Philly’s Forum on Justice & Opportunity, and he was in conversation with E. Patrick Johnson, dean of Northwestern University’s School of Communication.

Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini moderated the University of Pennsylvania’s 2020 Silfen Forum.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson moderated or spoke at the following events:

  • Circling the Arctic: Security and the Rule of Law in a Changing North, a conference cosponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center
  • Science and Technology in Society Forum: The 17th Annual Meeting
  • Elections 2020: A Virtual Tour of the United States and the American Electoral Process
  • 2020 Honora Rankine-Galloway Address, hosted by the University of Southern Denmark
  • Covering Election Night: Uncertainty, Early Results, and Lessons from the Past, a media briefing organized by the AAAS’s SciLine
  • “Facts Still Matter: Countering the Influence of Russian Hackers, Trolls, and ‘Viral Deception,’” sponsored by the University of Oregon’s Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics and the Center for Science Communication Research
  • Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President, sponsored by the City University of New York’s Graduate Center

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Professor Duncan J. Watts were panelists at the open session of the National Academy of Sciences meeting of the Standing Committee on Advancing Science Communication entitled “Validity and Users of Sources of Information about Science.”

Professor Yphtach Lelkes was a panelist for “GBH News Forum: How to Bridge the Partisan Divide.”

Professor Jessa Lingel gave a Penn Libraries lecture entitled "'It's Kind of Fun Because It's More Stark': Web 1.0 Nostalgia and Craigslist's Material Form."

Professor David Lydon-Staley gave a Penn MindCORE seminar entitled “Bit by Bit, Putting It Together: Enriching Our Understanding of Health and Well-Being by Intensively Sampling Daily Life.”

Professor Diana C. Mutz was a panelist for the Northwestern University event entitled “Understanding the Election.”

Professor Victor Pickard gave talks about his book Democracy without Journalism? at the University of Huddersfield (UK); the University of Nevada, Reno; the University of Westminster (UK); and the “Science Journalism in the Digital Age” conference. In addition, he gave the following invited talks:

  • "Media Activism and Media History” at the University of Maine
  • “Confronting the Crisis: Imagining a Public Future for Journalism” at the Korea Press Foundation
  • Saving the News: Paths Forward” at News Guild

Professor Julia Ticona was a panelist for a Dissent Magazine event about its Fall 2020 issue.

Professor Joseph Turow gave a keynote address at Lehigh University’s Business School conference, “Marketing Careers in the Age of AI and AR,” and he met with the Plainedge High School Ethics Club to discuss the controversies around TikTok.

Research Director Ken Winneg discussed public polling in a “Communication Science on the Spot” talk to the University of Amsterdam’s Communication Science program.

Postdoctoral Fellow Jinsook Kim gave a University of Pennsylvania Korean Studies lecture entitled “Namuwiki, Gender Equalism and Antifeminist Disinformation in the Post-Truth Era.”

As part of the Association of Internet Researchers 2020 conference, Doctoral Candidate Zane Griffin Talley Cooper exhibited his Alchemical Infrastructures work.

A part of PhillyCAM’s People Powered Media Fest, Doctoral Student Antoine Haywood was a panelist for an event entitled “Community Media Is Having a Moment.”

Doctoral Candidate María Celeste Wagner moderated a seminar hosted by Northwestern University’s Center for Latinx Digital Media.

As part of an event hosted by the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science, Doctoral Candidate Choima Woko gave a talk entitled “Is Open Data Too Open? Data Sharing and Surveillance Policies in the Global Health Context.”

Staff Member Jessica McDonald took part in a panel discussion during the Journalism in the Time of Crisis conference.

Staff Member Lori Robertson took part in a panel entitled "Disinformation in Local Elections: How to Spot It and What You Can Do," sponsored by three McClatchy newspapers in North Carolina.

The Annenberg School cohosted the Fall 2020 Annenberg Lecture featuring Mark Thompson, who delivered a talk entitled “Between a Rock and Hard Place: Securing the Future of Independent News.” Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson served as moderator.

The Annenberg Conversations on Race series launched, with a discussion between Professor Sarah J. Jackson and Visiting Scholar Ben Jealous. [WATCH HERE]

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication welcomed Seyram Avle for a colloquium entitled “China, Africa, and the Shifting Worlds of Tech Labor.”

The Center for Media at Risk hosted a roundtable discussion entitled “BLM Protests & the Press in Philadelphia” and featuring Doctoral Candidate Muira McCammon in conversation with Denise Clay and Avi Wolfman-Arent.

The Center on Digital Culture & Society welcomed Angela Wu for a colloquium entitled “Public Assembly via Affective Technologies: Like Buttons, Sentiment Analysis, and the Transmission of Positive Energy.”

The Control Societies Speaker Series welcomed Jasbir Puar for a talk entitled “Spatial Debilities: Slow Life and Carceral Capitalism in Palestine.”

The Elihu Katz Colloquium Series welcomed Bryce Dietrich for a talk entitled “Assessing Attitude Strength Using the Audio and Video from Telephone, In-Person, and Online Surveys.”

The Media, Inequality and Change Center hosted a roundtable discussion with its three co-directors: Professor Sarah J. Jackson, Professor Victor Pickard, and Rutgers University professor Todd Wolfson.

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