ASC@Penn News Digest, September 2016




Professor Marwan M. Kraidy: American Studies Encounters the Middle East (UNC Press)

Lecturer David Morey: The Leadership Campaign: 10 Political Strategies to Win at Your Career and Propel Your Business to Victory (Career Press)

Journal Articles


Professor Guobin Yang: "Narrative Agency in Hashtag Activism: The Case of #BlackLivesMatter" (Media and Communication)

George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow Sandra Ristovska: “The Rise of Eyewitness Video and its Implications for Human Rights: Conceptual and Methodological Approaches” (Journal of Human Rights)

Doctoral Student Andrew Daniller: “Can Citizens Care Too Much? Investment in Election Outcomes and Perceptions of Electoral Legitimacy” (Electoral Studies)

Doctoral Student Jasmine Erdener: “Humans of New York and Ethical Reflections in the Digital Age” (Communication and the Public)

Doctoral Student Subhayan Mukerjee: "Net Neutrality, Facebook, and India's Battle to #SaveTheInternet" (Communication and the Public

Survey Research & Reports


The Annenberg Public Policy Center released several surveys and reports:

In the Media

Washington Post: “Trump owes it to the voters to debate with Clinton” was an op-ed written by Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Chronicle of Higher Education: “What’s the Right Public Message About Going to College?” quoted Professor Joseph N. Cappella.

Life Reimagined: “Need New Motivation to Exercise? It’s a Click Away” covered research by Professor Damon Centola.

LSE Media Policy Project Blog: "Big data analytics: Q&A with Professor Oscar H. Gandy, Jr" is a Q&A with Professor Emeritus Oscar Gandy.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “An Annenberg study found that social media activism is way more powerful than you think” referenced research by Professor Sandra González-Bailón. READ MORE.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Commentary: It’s not too late to talk about the issues” was written by Professor John L. Jackson, Jr.

New York Magazine: “The 2016 Presidential Election, According to 8-Year-Olds” quoted Professor Amy Jordan.

Eurasia Group Foundation: "Interview with Marwan Kraidy" is a Q&A with Professor Marwan M. Kraidy.

The Guardian: “Did better broadband make Americans more partisan?” quoted research by Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

Wisconsin State Journal: “Brian Smith: Who would Jesus vote for?” mentions research by Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

MARC Blog: “When Old Technologies Were Heavy” was written by Professor Jessa Lingel.

Kveller: “This Is What Happened When My 3-Year-Old Got Jet Lag” “We Need to Talk About Huma Abedin Differently” and “This Is the Best Way to Deal with Lice (Seriously)”  were written by Professor Sharrona Pearl.

Current: “Channeling Charles Siepmann for public media’s future” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

Jacobin: “When Billionaires Rule” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

Forbes: “The Tug-of-War Over Personal Data” references research by Professor Joseph Turow.

J-Source: “How much do newspaper reporters earn in 2016?” was written by Visiting Scholar Errol Salamon.

BuzzFeed News: “This Is Why A Conspiracy Theory About The Clintons Has Gone Viral in China” quoted Doctoral Student Kecheng Fang.

The Conversation: “Will social media define the success of the Olympic Games?” was written by doctoral student Katerina Girginova.

Medium: “University-based research inspired Google. Is research needed to inspire Kenyan innovators too?” was written by Doctoral Student Eleanor Marchant.

Wilson Center, Middle East Program: “From Tribe to Nation: Iraqi Kurdistan on the Cusp of Statehood” quoted Doctoral Student Mohammed Salih. [VIDEO]

Al Monitor: “Kurds concerned about Baghdad’s increasing military prowess” and “How Islamic State is trying to lure Kurds to its ranks” were written by Doctoral Student Mohammed Salih.

Research by Doctoral Student Alex T. Williams was referenced in the following media outlets:

Awards & Honors

Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff received a career achievement award from Business Systems Laboratory at its fourth annual symposium. He was also invited to give a keynote address at the same event and to teach a Content Analysis School. READ MORE.

Professor Emeritus Charles Wright was honored for his nearly 50 years of teaching at Annenberg School for Communication with a reception and dinner. READ MORE.

At the Podium

Eight Annenberg faculty and students gave presentations at the 2016 APSA Political Communication PreConference. In addition, Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini served as “Campaigns & Elections” chair, and Visiting Scholar Abby Jones served as “Protest, Revolution and Media” chair. The presenters include:

  • Professor Guobin Yang: “Revolutionary Narratives and the Future of Revolution”
  • Professor Diana C. Mutz and Doctoral Student Kecheng Fang: “Communist Party’s Soft Power in Cross-national Persuasion Videos: Shaping China’s Image among Overseas Audiences”
  • Visiting Scholar Abby Jones: “Threatening or Sympathetic? The Cross-National Framing of the Syrian Mass Exodus”
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Ben Lyons: “Self and Contextually Activated Networks: An Expanded Approach to Selective Exposure”
  • Doctoral Candidate Lori Young: “Helping the ‘Poor and Needy’: Framing Public Opinion Questions about Poverty and Redistribution”
  • Doctoral Student Hye-Yon Lee: “The Impact of Partisan News Exposure on Perceptions of the Opposing Party and Public Confidence in the Electoral System”
  • Doctoral Student John Remensperger: “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Combining Journalistic Ideals and Political Satire”

Professor Victor Pickard gave a Temple University School of Media and Communication Lecture. [VIDEO]

Visiting Scholar Karin Gwinn Wilkins gave a Scholars Program Colloquium talk at the Annenberg School entitled “The Politics of Numbers.” She and Visiting Scholar Stewart Hoover also introduced their work to the Annenberg community at an introductory colloquium for the Scholars Program.

George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow Sandra Ristovska gave a talk entitled “Why Visual Law? Why Now?” as part of the Visual Jurisprudence Lecture Series sponsored by the Visual Law Project at Yale Law School. In addition, she presented a research paper titled "Picturing the Refugee Crisis: the Ethics and Politics of Seeing Death" at the Fourth Annual CCCS Conference in Skopje, Macedonia.

Doctoral Students Jasmine Erdener and Sanjay Jolly gave talks at the Media Activism Research Collective (MARC) Works in Progress session.

Doctoral Student Jennifer R. Henrichsen attended the World Forum for Media Development in Jakarta, Indonesia where she participated in a UN Technical/Expert meeting as part of her work helping Oxford with its UNESCO 2017 World Trends Report.

Doctoral Student Bo Mai gave a talk entitled “Talking about Censorship: Mapping Topic Clusters in the Chinese Twitter Sphere” at the 2016 North American Chinese Sociologists Association Conference, a preconference of the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.

TCORS welcomed Meghan Moran, who taught a seminar entitled “Why is Tobacco Marketing Effective? How Tobacco Advertising Tactics Drive Youth Tobacco Use.”

The Elihu Katz Colloquium Lecture series welcomed Zizi Papacharissi, who gave the talk “Affective Publics: News Storytelling, Sentiment and Twitter.”

The 2016 CARGC Distinguished Lecture in Global Communication featured Mimi Sheller. Her talk was titled “On the Maintenance of Humanity: Learning from Refugee Mobile Practices.”

MARC welcomed Fengshi Wu for a talk entitled “Web 2.0 and Political Engagement in China.”

CGCS sponsored a conference in Budapest, Hungary titled “Surveying Iran: The Future of Social Research after the Nuclear Thaw.”

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