ASC@Penn News Digest, Summer 2018



Professor Damon Centola: How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions (Princeton)

Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff: Content Analysis: An Introduction to Its Methodology, 4th Edition (Sage)

Book Chapters

Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault, Recent Graduate Joshua Becker, and Professor Damon Centola: “Complex Contagions: A Decade in Review” in Complex Spreading Phenomena in Social Systems (Springer)

Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault: “Human-Bot Ecologies” in A Networked Self and Human Augmentics, Artificial Intelligence, Sentience (Routledge)

Journal Articles

Research Director Dan Romer, Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Research Director Patrick Jamieson: “Misleading Claims About Tobacco Products in YouTube Videos: Experimental Effects of Misinformation on Unhealthy Attitudes” (Journal of Medical Internet Research)

Research Director Ken Winneg, Research Director Dan Romer, Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson: “Differences Between Florida and the Rest of the United States in Response to Local Transmission of the Zika Virus: Implications for Future Communication Campaigns” (Risk Analysis)

Professor Damon Centola and Recent Graduate Joshua Becker: “Experimental Evidence for Tipping Points in Social Convention” (Science) [READ MORE]

Professor Jessa Lingel: “What’s Queer About Internet Studies Now?” (First Monday)

Professor Jessa Lingel: “Lit Up and Left Dark: Failures of Imagination in Urban Broadband Networks” (New Media & Society)

Professor Diana C. Mutz: “The Real Reason Liberals Drink Lattes” (PS: Political Science & Politics) [READ MORE]

Professor Joseph Turow: “Media as Data Extraction: Towards a New Map of a Transformed Communications Field” (Journal of Communication)

Senior Research Scientist Amy Bleakley, Research Director Patrick Jamieson, and Research Manager Ilana Weitz: “Do You See What I See? A Character Analysis of Health Risk Behaviors in Television Shows Popular with Black Adolescents in the US” (Journal of Children and Media)

Senior Research Scientist Amy Bleakley: “Frequent Indoor Tanners’ Beliefs About Indoor Tanning and Cessation” (American Journal of Health Promotion)

Research Scientist Emile Bruneau: “Denying Humanity: The Distinct Neural Correlates of Blatant Dehumanization” (Journal of Experimental Psychology) [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang: “Turning a Communist Party Leader into an Internet Meme: The Political and Apolitical Aspects of China’s Toad Worship Culture” (Information, Communication & Society)

In the Media 

Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini was interviewed in a Chinese communication and journalism journal.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Research by Professor Damon Centola and Recent Graduate Joshua Becker was covered in the following media outlets:

AirTalk: “Power in numbers? Not so when it comes to changing the mainstream” interviewed Professor Damon Centola. [AUDIO]

Strategy+Business: “Make Your Company’s Culture Go Viral” referenced research by Professor Damon Centola.

Scientific American: “What Your Facebook Network Reveals about How You Use Your Brain” was written by Professor Emily Falk.

CATO Institute: “Trump’s Anti-Opioid Ads Won’t Work” quoted Professor Robert C. Hornik.

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy was interviewed in the Shanghai Journalism Review.

New York Magazine: “How Social Science Might Be Misunderstanding Conservatives” referenced research by Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

Christian Science Monitor: “Cloud? Mall? Why internet metaphors matter in net neutrality debate” quoted Professor Jessa Lingel.

Star Tribune: “Malian ‘Spiderman’ becomes real-life French superhero” quoted Professor Jessa Lingel.

CommonSense: “Summer Reads for Teachers” recommended a book by Professor Emeritus Carolyn Marvin.

Professor Diana C. Mutz was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Washington Post: “FCC chairman has ‘serious concerns’ about the Sinclair-Tribune merger and could seek to block the deal” quoted Professor Victor Pickard.

WHYY: “The end of net neutrality: Will users notice their missing internet freedom” quoted Professor Victor Pickard.

Jetzt Kulturjournal: “Steirischer Herbst und Innsbrucker Festwochen, Kinder bekannter Väter, Neues von Baron Coehn” interviewed Professor Joseph Turow. [AUDIO] (in German)

The Guardian: “The great firewall of China: Xi Jinping’s internet shutdown” quoted Professor Guobin Yang.

New York Times: “How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities” quoted Professor Daniel J. Hopkins.

Reading Religion: “Digital Hinduism” was written by Lecturer Murali Balaji.

Research by Research Scientist Emile Bruneau was covered in the following media outlets:

LA Weekly: “Suicide Is a Tragic Hollywood Story That Needs a New Ending” quoted Research Director Dan Romer.

PennToday: “Floridians took Zika virus more seriously than rest of U.S., but most did nothing” quoted Research Director Ken Winneg.

The Guardian: “Mexico election: why is the leftwing frontrunner so quiet on social issues?” quoted Visiting Scholar Julieta Brambila.

Lilith: “If ‘Incivility’ Makes You Sympathize with Racism, You Were Racist Already” was written by Dean’s Fellow Sharrona Pearl.

The Conversation: “Why vaccine opponents think they know more than medical experts” was written by Postdoctoral Fellow Matthew Motta.

Cure: “Love the Genes You’ve Got, But Get Them Tested, Too” was written by Postdoctoral Fellow Samira Rajabi.

Sixth Tone: “How Blockchain Could Revolutionize China’s Media” quoted Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang.

KNX10.70: “Prepare to Lose Followers! Twitter is Shutting Down Millions of Fake Accounts” interviewed Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault. [AUDIO]

Medium: “AI Effects” quoted Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault.

Wired: “A New Age of Queer Pop is Here — And Artists Want to Talk” quoted Recent Graduate Elena Maris.

Awards & Honors

Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault, Recent Graduate Joshua Becker, and Professor Damon Centola won a Best Paper Award at the 4th Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science for their paper entitled “Bipartisan Social Networks Reduce Political Bias in the Interpretation of Climate Trends."

Felicity (Litty) Paxton, Director of the Penn Women’s Center and long-time Annenberg Lecturer, will become Annenberg’s new Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Opeyemi Akanbi received the 2018-2019 Ambrose Monell Foundation National Fellowship in Technology and Democracy from the Jefferson Scholars Foundation. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Kecheng Fang was awarded a doctoral fellowship from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Student Jennifer R. Henrichsen has been named to the newest cohort of Knight News Innovation Fellows at the Tow Center for Journalism at Columbia University. [READ MORE]

At the Podium

The following Annenberg faculty and students presented papers at the 4th Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science, held at Northwestern University: Professor Damon Centola, Professor Sandra González-Bailón, Recent Graduate Joshua Becker, Doctoral Student Douglas Guilbeault, and Doctoral Student Subhayan Mukerjee. In addition, Centola gave a keynote lecture.

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy, Professor Joseph Turow, and Professor Guobin Yang gave lectures to doctoral students and professors at a seminar series hosted by Soochow University in Suzhou, China.

Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff was an invited keynote speaker at an international conference on qualitative text analysis, held in Berlin.

Professor Guobin Yang gave a keynote address at the third biennial conference on “Communication, Media, and Governance in the Age of Globalization,” in Beijing, China.

Research Director Dan Romer presented at the 2018 AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference, held in Columbus, Ohio.

Doctoral Student Yasemin Celikkol presented a paper at the 2018 Transnational Television Drama Conference, held in Denmark.

Doctoral Student Megan Genovese presented a paper at the 2018 Theorising the Popular Conference, held in Liverpool.

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