Bi-coastal Annenberg School Cooperation: Soviet Posters From the Thaw, First at Penn, Now at USC

In an example of “hands-across the continent,” there is an exhibition of posters drawn from the collection of Professor Monroe E. Price, director of Annenberg’s Center for Global Communications Studies and Aimée Brown Price.

First prepared by two Penn doctoral students, Masha Kowell and Liliana Milkova, for a show at Penn’s Arthur Ross Gallery, the exhibit, "Laughing Matters: Soviet Propaganda in Khrushchev's Thaw,” has traveled across the country to Annenberg at the University of Southern California and is open for viewing in USC Annenberg's Second Floor Gallery now through May 20. The expanded version of the exhibition debuted at the University of Pennsylvania in April 2010 and traveled to Grinnell College, Iowa, where it remained on view from September through the end of November 2010.

“I love the fact that this exhibit is taking place,” said Professor Price. “It’s not only a transfer of physical pictures between schools, but it’s a transfer of a way of thinking about communications and communications studies…thinking about the role of persuasion in a most public and most significant way in identity building, nation building, and transnational persuasion.”