Carlin Romano Delivers Talks at 23rd World Congress of Philosophy in Athens


Annenberg’s Carlin Romano gave three invited talks at the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy in Athens this August: one about his book, America the Philosophical, one on “Philosophy and the Media,” and a third on “Philosophy and the Public Sphere.” The World Congress of Philosophy, which began in 1900 in Paris and takes place every five years in a different world capital, attracts some 3,000 philosophers from more than 60 countries—this was the first time the Congress took place in Greece.

Philosophers participating this year included Germany’s Jurgen Habermas, Italy’s Umberto Eco, and South Africa’s John McDowell. At the end of the event, and following a spirited discussion about the merits of engagement versus solidarity with Chinese dissidents, representatives of the “International Federation of Philosophical Societies,” which organizes the Congresses, voted to hold the 2018 Congress in Beijing.