Carolyn Marvin visits WHYY'S Radio Times to discuss patriotism, sacrifice, and the Iraq War

Carolyn Marvin, Frances Yates Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School, appeared on WHYY's Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane to discuss the role patriotism and sacrifice play in past and present wars. She appeared with Iraq veteran Paul Rieckhoff, Executive Director and Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, in the first hour of the April 5 show. Dr. Marvin defines patriotism as "giving public witness to the belief that we owe a duty to participate in the collective life of the nation. In a democracy, a serious war can never be a worthwhile enterprise without the willingness of its citizens to recognize and embrace the real cost in life and treasure it levies." Applying this to the United States' current situation, she warns that "the Bush administration seems never to have believed citizens would willingly sacrifice their own comfort in order to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In consequence, we have sacrificed not only lives and treasure but a national loss of purpose, which we will feel in shattering ways for a long time to come." One can listen to the show any time online at WHYY's Radio Times archive simply by searching the date of show or name of guest.