Congratulations Annenberg Doctoral Graduates


Fourteen Annenberg students were honored during the University of Pennsylvania’s 255 Commencement on Monday, May 16. The Annenberg School for Communication also recognized them during the annual graduate ceremony. Congratulations to all!

Graduate Dissertation title
  Xiaoxia Cao Pathways to Eliciting Aid: The Effects of Visual Representations of Human Suffering on Empathy and Help for People in Need
  Moira O’Keeffe   Media and the Making of Scientists
  C. Riley Snorton   Trapped in the Epistemological Closet: Black Sexuality and the Popular Imagination
  Lokman Tsui   A Journalism of Hospitality
  Christopher J. Finlay   Between Leverage and Legacy: Producing the 2012 London Olympics in a Global New Media Environment
  Alyssa Hersh Klein   Social Support Online: Testing the Effects of Highly Person-Centered Messages in Breast Cancer Support Groups
  Oren Livio   The Right to Represent: Negotiating the Meaning of Military Service in Israel
  Peter Busse   Normative Appeals: Understanding the effect of normative messages on the formation of intentions to get tested for HIV among Latinos in the United States
  Brooke Duffy   Magazines … without the Magazine: Remaking Boundaries in an Era of Media Convergence
  Brittany Griebling   The Casualization of Intimacy: Consensual non-monogamy, communication, and the new sexual ethos
  Susan Haas   Alternative Journalisms and Professional Authenticity: Radio Free Europe during the Cold War
  Deborah Lubken   Signal, Music, Noise: Interpreting the Sounds and Silences of American Tower Bells, 1820 – 1960
  Lourdes Martinez   Anticipated Regret and the Formation of Behavioral Intention: Implications for the Design of Persuasive Health Messages
  Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt   Missing Links: A Comparative Study of the Media Coverage of Cases of Kidnapping and Captivity around the World