Eisenhower Named Recipient of the Provost's Award for Distinguished Teaching

David Eisenhower, Senior Fellow and head of the Institute for Public Service at the Annenberg Public Policy Center, has received the prestigious Provost's Award for Distinguished Teaching. Lindback Awards--for members of the standing faculty--and Provost Awards--given since 1988 to associated faculty and academic support staff--are awarded each Spring to honor outstanding teaching around the University.

Student letters of recommendation repeatedly mentioned Professor Eisenhower's availability to students, remarking: "Professor Eisenhower is the most accessible Professor I have ever had at Penn" and "He spends practically forty hours a week in office hours." A student wrote: "Each class with Professor Eisenhower was a true learning experience. I found myself transformed into a world of living history." Another notes "I have never learned so much from one person nor had my interest piqued in the way Professor Eisenhower did." "His office door is always open for discussion of the course material, history and current events." Another student writes: "How many professors drive all night to meet their students at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Rhinebeck, New York in order to offer his personal insight on a particular primary source for a research paper?" An Annenberg School colleague observes, "David is an outstanding teacher--caring, unselfish, and unconditionally attentive." Commenting on his lasting influence a student writes: "I would like to follow in the footsteps of a distinguished teacher like David Eisenhower."