dotCOMM, Penn’s New Undergraduate Communication Blog, Goes Live

A group of Annenberg undergraduate has proudly launched dotCOMM, a blog devoted to contemporary communication issues.

Described by Editor-in-Chief Ellen Lee as “a blog by communication students for communication students,” dotCOMM features articles written by both a regular staff and  guest writers. All communication majors are encouraged to participate. dotCOMM provides a way for students to have their opinions heard by their peers, to practice writing for a large audience, and to gain experience with the editorial process. The website also includes sections dedicated to answering common questions about the major and highlighting events that may interest students.

The blog was designed and built by dotCOMM’s editorial staff, with guidance from Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Carolyn Marvin and Director of Student Services and Registrar for Undergraduate Studies Alison Feather. Questions and comments about the blog can be sent to

Twitter: @penndotCOMM