FactCheck.org honored by New York Times and PoliticsOnline

FactCheck.org's success as a watchdog of campaign advertising honesty and accuracy was recognized on two continents Friday.

At an awards ceremony in Paris, FactCheck, which operates from the Annenberg Public Policy Center's Washington office, was selected one of the "Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics" in an international competition. The award was presented at the World E-Gov Forum held at Issy-les-Moulineaux. The event was co-sponsored by PoliticsOnline. The seventh annual international competition honors "the innovators and pioneers, the dreamers and doers who bring democracy online." The 10 award winners received the most votes among 20 nominees, which included Web sites from the U.S., Venezuela, Greece, Australia, Korea, Northern Ireland, and Germany.

Here at home, FactCheck earned praise from The New York Times. In an editorial entitled "It's Voter-Fooling Time in America," the Times noted that "the homestretch of the campaign season historically puts treacherous distortions of truth before the voters..." As a warning to duplicitous politicians, the head of Google told the Times that "truth predictor" software is in the works, which will allow voters to check on the candidates' claims. "Actually," wrote the Times, "careful parsing of egregiously misleading campaign ads is already available on the web at factcheck.org, a nonprofit service that thinks voters should be treated as intelligent consumers entitled to the plain facts. If only the candidates saw it that way."