Former Annenberg Professor Oscar Gandy Reviews Book by Doctoral Student Lee McGuigan

Oscar H. Gandy, Jr., Ph.D., a longtime member of the faculty at the Annenberg School for Communication, has written a review of The Audience Commodity in a Digital Age: Revisiting a Critical Theory of Commercial Media, (Peter Lang, 2014), edited by doctoral student Lee McGuidan and Vincent Manzerolle. The review appears in the journal Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (December 2014, Vol. 91, No. 4).


“McGuigan […] and Manzerolle […] have done a masterful job in combining historically important publications from the mid-1970s with reflections from scholars who were actively engaged in the debates that these “foundational texts” stimulated. They didn’t stop there, however. They acquired additional contributions from scholars who have been carrying on those debates in the context of a substantial renewal of interest in critical media theory.”