Graduate Student Presentations at 2014 IAMCR Conference

Annenberg graduate students Omar Al-Ghazzi, Deepti Chittamuru, Sandra Ristovska, and Kate Zambon presented research papers at the 2014 International Association for Media and Communication Research conference in Hyderabad, India. In addition, Ristovska presented at a Plenary session in honor of the late Professor Stuart Hall, and she co-organized and moderated the panel, “Research Paths In and Outside of the Academy.” Professor Barbie Zelizer also organized, chaired, and took part in a mini-plenary on “Regional Framing and ICA.”

Presentation titles and links to abstracts follow.

Omar Al-Ghazzi

Digital media practices and meta-narratives: The citizen journalism frame in an Arab context


Omar Al-Ghazzi


The anniversary of the 1973 war with Israel and the breakdown in Egyptian national memory


Deepti Chittamuru


The Effect of Social Information In A Technology Based Diabetes Prevention Program



Sandra Ristovska


Video Advocacy: Cultural History, Contemporary Challenges


Kate Zambon


I Am Not a Racist: The Discourse of Cultural Difference in Germany's Sarrazin Debate