Images, Ethics, Technology: A New Book Edited by Sharrona Pearl

Who speaks for the art in a museum? What does it mean that the revamping of Facebook’s photo features coincided with the demise of Kodak and Polaroid? What do photos of wind and wind power in Kansas tell us about the changing power dynamics there?

These topics and more are discussed in the new book Images, Ethics, Technology edited by Professor Sharrona Pearl. It explores the changing ethical implications of images and the ways they are communicated and understood.

Its scholarship, contributed by the leading scholars in the field, emerges from the eponymous Scholars Program in Culture and Communication Symposium held in 2012.

The volume’s collection of 14 essays chart the relationship to technology as part of a complex social and cultural matrix, highlighting how these relations constrain and enable notions of responsibility with respect to images and what they represent.

Images, Ethics, Technology is the latest volume in the Shaping Inquiry in Culture, Communication and Media Studies series, published by Routledge. Professor Barbie Zelizer, Director of the Scholars Program in Culture and Communication, is the series editor.

In addition to the introduction written by Pearl, each of the book’s three sections begins with an introductory essay by an Annenberg graduate student or recent graduate. The three sections in Images, Ethics, Technology were introduced by Nora Draper (Gr’14), now an assistant professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire; doctoral candidate Kevin Gotkin; and doctoral candidates Alexandra Sastre and Nicholas Gilewicz.