Introducing The Wired Homestead edited by Joseph Turow and Andrea Kavanaugh

Professor Joseph Turow is co-editor (with Andrea Kavanaugh) of the recently published The Wired Homestead: An MIT Press Sourcebook on the Internet and the Family. As described in the Canadian Journal of Communication, "This book represents a good multidisciplinary compilation that introduces the key debates and questions surrounding Internet research on the home."

Dr. Turow's "Family Boundaries, Commericalism, and the Internet: A Framework for Research" leads off the volume which is divided into four parts: The New World in Context, On Parents and Kids, The Wired Homestead and Online Life, and The Wired Homestead and Civic Life.

Other Annenberg scholars weigh into the debate. Professor Elihu Katz's appears with "Disintermediating the Parents: What Else Is News?" Dr. Amy Jordan, Senior Research Investigator, Annenberg Public Policy Center, contributes with "A Family Systems Approach to Examining the Role of the Internet in the Home." And Ph.D. student Lilach Nir co-authors with Dr. Turow "The Internet and the Family: The Views of Parents and Youngsters."

Says Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Internet and American Life Project, "Joe Turow and Andrea Kavanaugh have brought together the Dream Team of internet analysts, and they have filed compelling and often startling dispatches from the frontier where people are using new technologies. The wired homestead is a place where families are changing the way they live and relate, and The Wired Homestead is an authoritative account of how that's happening and why."