Joseph Turow publishes op-ed in The News Journal of Wilmington

Annenberg Professor Joseph Turow recently published an opinion piece in The News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware titled "It Really Is All About You: Advertising adapts to fit buyers into select niches."

Article Introduction: During most of the 20th century, those in the advertising and marketing business made two basic assumptions. The first was that communication was one-way, from creators to audiences. Everyone understood that people couldn't really talk back to their TV set or magazines; they either agreed with what they saw or read, or they didn't. The second proposition was that people paid attention to the ads. Of course, advertising professionals knew that readers skipped ad pages and made excursions to the kitchen or bathroom during commercials. Yet they took this as part of the challenge: Their job was to create ads that would make people pay attention. Today, marketers can't rely on those same assumptions. Where the old-media system was one-way, today's new media technologies allow consumers to talk back -- and tune out.