Kraidy Recognized by NEH

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded a Fellowship to Professor Marwan M. Kraidy in support of his project “The Tradition of Protest in Arab Uprisings.” 

The Fellowship is highly competitive. There were over 1,000 applications for only 72 NEH fellowships this year.

About the project:

“The Tradition of Protest in Arab Uprisings,” is a study exploring insurgent cultural production in the Arab uprisings, concluding that the human body is the indispensable revolutionary medium. Relying on primary Arabic-language audio-visual, ethnographic, textual and visual sources, the book focuses on creative activists, practices and styles, and uses a historical-comparative approach across nations, periods, and media. In Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria, activists have deployed a rich array of media in fierce propaganda wars against murderous dictators. Mining the past for resonant symbols, creative insurgents execute daring physical performances, catchy slogans, memorable graffiti, and witty videos. At once whimsical, grim and heroic, insurgent art and culture promote cross-border solidarities and shape revolutionary political identities. Revolutionary expressive culture offers insight into the nature of power and resistance and opens a vista onto the future of Arab culture and politics.