Marwan Kraidy to Deliver Two Talks at Izmir Economics University, Turkey - Addresses Audience in Lisbon via Skype

On October 27 Professor Marwan M. Kraidy, who is currently on leave conducting research in the Middle East, will deliver two lectures at Izmir Economics University in Turkey.   The first, a public lecture, is titled “Art, Politics and Commerce: Reflections on Arab Music Videos;" the second, a colloquium, is titled "Plato's Digital Cave: The Arab Uprisings and the Politics of Media Research." The colloquium presentation is based on a plenary address Professor Kraidy delivered at the International Association for Media and Communication Research convention in Istanbul, Turkey, in July, discussing the difficulty understanding the role of the media in the Arab uprisings.   Earlier this month Professor Kraidy delivered a keynote address titled “Mimicry and Authenticity in Arab Music Videos” at a conference, Culture of Remix, which took place at the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon on October 13. Professor Kraidy’s keynote came in via Skype since, at the time, he was in Beirut, Lebanon.