Michael X. Delli Carpini on the youth vote in upcoming Philadelphia Mayor's race

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"This city's young adults have the numbers to decide the mayor's race. As the Street and Katz campaigns pound the pavement and hit the phones to reach both their core constituents and undecided voters, they would be ill-advised to ignore this segment of the electorate." So advises ASC Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer editorial he co-wrote with Veronica De La Garza, executive director of the Youth Vote Coalition. The editorial appeared Sunday, October 5 beside "Why Hip-Hop Works as Registration" by Russell Simmons, chairman of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. Both editorials, under the banner Rejuvenating the Vote, deal with mobilizing the youth vote.

"Although young voters often turn out in lower rates than other citizens, they do so largely because campaigns rarely ask them to get involved," explains Carpini. "Numerous studies show that young voters care about many of the issues on everyone's mind--the economy, jobs, education, health care, and global politics.