New article penned by Annenberg's Lee, Hornik, and Hennessy

Annenberg doctoral candidate Chul-joo Lee; Robert C. Hornik, Ph.D., the Wilbur Schramm Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication; and Michael Hennessy, research analysis manager at Annenberg, have published an article, entitled “The reliability and stability of general media exposure measures” in a special issue of Communication Methods and Measures (Vol. 2, issue 1-2, pp. 6-22).

Abstract: Relatively little research has examined the reliability and stability of media exposure measures. To address this issue, this study examines the reliability and stability of general media exposure measures using three rounds of the National Survey of Parents and Youth (NSPY), an in-home nationally representative panel survey of around 8,000 children (aged 9–18) and 6,000 of their parents. Using a structural equation model first suggested by Wiley and Wiley (1970), we find that the measures for youth show moderate reliability with latent variables showing moderate to high stability. For parents, reliability is moderate and but latent variable stability is high. The implications of the findings for future research in this area are discussed.