New Title in Turow's "New Media World" Series

Book cover Making News at the New York Times at Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn

Making News at The New York Times is the title of the new book by Nikki Usher, Ph.D. and is the latest book in the “New Media World” series (University of Michigan Press) edited by Annenberg Professor Joseph Turow.

The New Media World series explores the key themes relating to the emerging media environment, the broad ecosystem of technologies, processes, audiences, consumers, industries, governments, and sponsors that interact around the various forms of information (entertainment, news, education, and advertising). Making News at The New York Times is an ethnographic study of The New York Times’ business, providing the reader with a unique view into the future of news in the digital age. It is the latest book in the series written by an author with a strong Annenberg connection. Dr. Usher studied at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of California, where her advisor was former Annenberg/Penn Professor Larry Gross. Other books in the series include:

The New Media World series provides opportunities for scholars and graduate students to present their work to a wide audience. For example, Owning the Olympics, published in 2008, contains chapters by then-Annenberg graduate students Christopher Finlay and Briar Smith, Annenberg alumna Lee Humphreys, and Penn professors Jacques deLisle and Carolyn Marvin. The Hyperlinked Society contains submissions by Annenberg alumni Martin Nisenholtz and Lokman Tsui.