ASC@Penn News Digest, May 2020


Book Chapters

Postdoctoral Fellow Boaz Hameiri: “Experiencing Acknowledgment versus Denial of the Ingroup's Collective Victimization” and “The Tendency to Feel Victimized in Interpersonal and Intergroup Relationships” in The Social Psychology of Collective Victimhood (Oxford University Press)

Journal Articles

Alum Jingwen Zhang (Ph.D. ’16), alum Sijia Yang (Ph.D. ’19), and Professor Damon Centola: “Birth Control Connect: A Randomized Trial of an Online Group to Disseminate Contraceptive Information” (Contraception)

Doctoral Candidate Kwanho Kim, Assistant Research Professor Laura Gibson, Professor Robert C. Hornik: “Valence of Media Coverage about Electronic Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products from 2014-2017: Evidence from Automated Content Analysis” (Nicotine & Tobacco Research)

Professor Jessa Lingel: “Alexa, Tell Me about Your Mother: The History of the Secretary and the End of Secrecy” (Catalyst)

Professor Barbie Zelizer: “When ‘Formerly’ Becomes Now: Populism and the Media” (Communication, Culture and Critique)

Visiting Scholar Silvio Waisbord: “News Flashpoints: Networked Journalism and Waves of Coverage of Social Problems” (Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly)

Postdoctoral Fellow Boaz Hameiri: "The Tendency for Interpersonal Victimhood: The Personality Construct and its Consequences" (Personality and Individual Differences)

Doctoral Student Antoine Haywood: “Revising Legacy Media Practices to Serve Hyperlocal Information Needs of Marginalized Populations” (Journalism Practice)

Doctoral Candidate Subhayan Mukerjee and Doctoral Candidate Tian Yang: “Choosing to Avoid? A Conjoint Experimental Study to Understand Selective Exposure and Avoidance on Social Media” (Political Communication)

Doctoral Candidate Pawel Popiel: “Let’s Talk about Regulation: The Influence of the Revolving Door and Partisanship on FCC Regulatory Discourses” (Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media)

Book Reviews, Commentaries, and Essays

Professor Victor Pickard: “Communal News Work: COVID-19 Calls for Collective Funding of Journalism” (Digital Journalism)

In the Media

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “‘It’s Just Cuckoo’: State’s Latest Data Mishap Causes Critics to Cry Foul” quoted Professor Joseph N. Cappella.

Annual Reviews: “Spreading Safe Behavior Is Complex, and Everyone Can Help” mentioned research by Professor Damon Centola.

Knowable Magazine: “How We Make Decisions during a Pandemic” quoted Professor Damon Centola.

The UN Brief: Maya Plentz interviewed Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini. [VIDEO]

Mashable: “Student Describes the ‘90s as 'the Late 1900s' and Now We All Feel Old” quoted Professor Sarah J. Jackson.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Two Penn Professors Receive $200,000 Carnegie Fellowship for Media Research” quoted Professor Sarah J. Jackson and Professor Duncan Watts.

Penn Today: “Sarah J. Jackson, Duncan Watts Awarded 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellowships” quoted Professor Sarah J. Jackson and Professor Duncan Watts.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Infobae: “La protesta hoy: los cuerpos, las calles y los medios digitales” quoted Professor Marwan M. Kraidy. (in Spanish)

Professor Victor Pickard wrote the following articles:

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed or quoted, or his research was covered, in the following media outlets:

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed for a documentary entitled History of Journalism: From Reporter to Fake News. The trailer can be viewed here. [VIDEO]

Penn Today: “The Dangers of Sharing Personal Information on Social Media” quoted Professor Joseph Turow.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Pa. Republicans and Democrats Disagree on Reopening the Economy, but There is a Lot They Do Agree on, Survey Says” quoted Professor Daniel J. Hopkins.

Dart Center: “Information Security & COVID-19” interviewed Doctoral Candidate Jennifer R. Henrichsen. [VIDEO]

NiemanLab: “Reluctant Managers, Fewer Resources, and Inertia Contribute to the Sorry State of Security in Journalism” quoted Doctoral Candidate Jennifer R. Henrichsen.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Penn Study Finds Political Beliefs Affect How Americans Follow Distancing Guidelines” covered research by Doctoral Candidate Soojong Kim.

Penn Today: “Do Political Beliefs Affect Social Distancing?” covered research by Doctoral Candidate Soojong Kim.

Perry World House: “Penn Pandemic Diary, Entry #23: Looking Towards the Fall” was written by Doctoral Student Florence Madenga.

VOA: “Activists: Iraq’s Kurdish Region Becomes Less Safe for Iranian Dissidents” quoted Doctoral Candidate Mohammed A. Salih.

First Draft News: “When It Comes to Scientific Information, WhatsApp Users in Argentina Are Not Fools” was written by Doctoral Student María Celeste Wagner.

Awards & Honors

Professor Sarah J. Jackson and Professor Duncan Watts were each awarded a 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship. [READ MORE]

During the 2020 Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, a number of Annenberg faculty and students were recognized. [READ MORE]

  • Dean John L. Jackson, Jr., Professor Marwan M. Kraidy, Professor Monroe Price, and Professor Guobin Yang were inducted as ICA Fellows. [READ MORE]
  • Professor Sarah J. Jackson was awarded the ICA Applied Research Award.
  • Seventeen faculty and students received top paper or poster awards, including: Professor Emily Falk, Professor David Lydon-Staley, Professor Guobin Yang, Research Director Yoona Kang, Research Assistant Professor Matthew Brook O'Donnell, Postdoctoral Fellow Elisabetta Ferrari, Doctoral Student Lauren Bridges, Doctoral Student Mia Jovanova, Doctoral Student Ava Kikut, Doctoral Student Sophie Maddocks, Doctoral Candidate Muira McCammon, Doctoral Candidate Hanna E. Morris, Doctoral Candidate Prateekshit Pandey, Doctoral Student Jacob Parelman, Doctoral Candidate Revati Prasad, Doctoral Student Jeanna Sybert, and Doctoral Candidate Lori Young.

Senior Research Manager Clovis Bergère was named a 2020-21 Andrew W. Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Do Eon (Donna) Lee was awarded a GAPSA-Provost Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Innovation. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Candidate Hanna E. Morris received the 2020 Best Student Paper Award from the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS).

Doctoral Candidate Leeann Siegel has received a 2020 Russell Ackoff Fellowship. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Student Roopa Vasudevan was awarded a 2020 Sachs Program Grant. [READ MORE]

At the Podium

More than 45 faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and research staff presented virtually during the International Communication Association’s 70th Annual Conference. [READ MORE]

Professor Sarah J. Jackson gave a virtual author talk about her book #HashtagActivism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was a panelist for an online event entitled “Democracy in the Age of COVID-19.”

Professor Victor Pickard participated in a Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association research webinar on "Imagining a Post-Pandemic Future for Local Journalism"; was a panelist for an online event entitled “Media in Lockdown,” sponsored by Wow Fest; and was a panelist for a book interview for the “Media Apocalypse” videocast, sponsored by Yale Law School.

Professor Guobin Yang gave a virtual talk entitled “Memories of the Wuhan Lockdown: Personal Stories as Documents of Life” to an audience of over 1,000 people in the “Global Distinguished Online Lectures” series of the Communication Forum at Zhejiang University.

Doctoral Candidate María Celeste Wagner gave a virtual talk on the consequences of media coverage on sexual harassment as part of the Center for Studies on Media and Society in Argentina (MESO)’s "Digital Culture" Meeting.

The Annenberg School hosted its 2020 Virtual Communication Major Graduation Ceremony. Katie Koeblitz C’09 gave the keynote address.

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC) hosted its fourth biennial symposium entitled “The Global Politics and Poetics of Turkish Television.”

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