ASC@Penn News Digest, September 2019


Book Chapters

Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff: “How Institutional Authority and Routine Exertions of Power Can Be Mobilized, Negotiated and Challenged” in Authority and Power in Social Interaction (Routledge)

Postdoctoral Fellow Padma Chirumamilla: “Living in the Broken City: Infrastructural Inequity, Uncertainty, and the Materiality of the Digital in Brazil” in digitalSTS: A Field Guide for Science & Technology Studies (Princeton University Press)

Journal Articles

Professor Joseph N. Cappella: “Impact of Brief Nicotine Messaging on Nicotine-Related Beliefs in a U.S. Sample” (American Journal of Preventive Medicine)

Doctoral Candidate Stefanie Gratale and Professor Joseph N. Cappella: “Attitudinal Spillover from Misleading Natural Cigarette Marketing: An Experiment Examining Current and Former Smokers’ Support for Tobacco Industry Regulation” (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)

Alumna Minji Kim (Ph.D. ’16) and Professor Joseph N. Cappella: “An Efficient Message Evaluation Protocol: Two Empirical Analyses on Positional Effects and Optimal Sample Size” (Journal of Health Communication)

Alumna Jingwen Zhang (Ph.D. ’16) and Professor Sandra González-Bailón: “Computational Communication Science: A Methodological Catalyzer for a Maturing Discipline” (International Journal of Communication)

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson: “Signaling the Trustworthiness of Science” (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) [READ MORE]

Professor Marwan M. Kraidy: “Boycotting Neo-Ottoman Cool: Geopolitics and Media Industries in the Egypt-Turkey Row over Television Drama” (Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication)

Professor Yphtach Lelkes: “Are There Still Limits on Partisan Prejudice?” (Public Opinion Quarterly)

Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Walshe and Research Director Dan Romer: “Working Memory Development and Motor Vehicle Crashes in Young Drivers” (JAMA Network Open)

Doctoral Candidate Emily Dean Hund and alumna Brooke Erin Duffy: “General Visibility on Social Media: Navigating Instagram’s Authenticity Bind” (International Journal of Communication)

Doctoral Student Jeanna Sybert: “Networked Press Freedom: Creating Infrastructures for a Public Right to Hear” (New Media & Society)

Doctoral Candidate María Celeste Wagner: "Angry, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed: The Emotional Experience of Consuming News about President Trump" (Journalism)

Research Reports

The Annenberg Public Policy Center released its annual Annenberg Civics Knowledge Survey. [READ MORE]

In the Media

Penn Today: "Seeing Life Through Their Eyes" covered a film project directed by Dean John L. Jackson, Jr.

Knowledge at Wharton interviewed Professor Joseph N. Cappella about the FDA warning to Juul regarding its marketing practices. [AUDIO]

The Conversation: “The Problem of Living Inside Echo Chambers” covered research by Professor Joseph N. Cappella and Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson.

Harvard Business Review: “Research: For Crowdsourcing to Work Everyone Needs an Equal Voice” was written by alum Joshua Becker (Ph.D. ’18) and covered research conducted with Professor Damon Centola.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Washington Post: “Twitter Got Somewhat More Civil When Tweets Doubled in Length. Here’s How We Know.” was written by Professor Yphtach Lelkes and Doctoral Student Alvin Zhou.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Annenberg Research Shows Twitter’s Maximum Tweet Length Increase Promotes Civility” covered research by Professor Yphtach Lelkes and Doctoral Student Alvin Zhou.

Big Think: “Participatory Democracy is Presumed to be the Gold Standard. Here’s Why it Isn’t.” covered research by Professor Diana C. Mutz.

The Conversation: “The Strange Connection between Bobby Kennedy’s Death and Scooby-Doo” covered research by Professor Joseph Turow.

The North Star: “The Revolutionary Potential of Minority-Owned Media” was written by Graduate Diversity Advisor and Professional Development Supervisor Murali Balaji.

Daily Pennsylvanian: "Penn Students Analyze Political Cartoons and Satire in this Communications Class" profiled one of Lecturer Dwayne Booth's undergraduate courses.

Politico: “How to Fix Politics in America” included a contribution from Lecturer Carlin Romano.

Pennsylvania Gazette: “Death Watch” was written by alumna and Research Affiliate Jessica Fishman (Ph.D. ’01).

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Penn Study Links Teenage Driving Accidents to Brain Development” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Walshe.

Penn Today: “Slower Growth in Working Memory Linked to Teen Driving Crashes” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Walshe.

WHYY: “Learn How Blockchain Works at Cryptocurrency Mining Exhibit in University City” quoted Doctoral Candidate Zane Griffin Talley Cooper and Staff Member Kyle Cassidy.

The Cut: "Michelle Phan was YouTube's Biggest Beauty Star. Then She Vanished." quoted Doctoral Candidate Emily Hund.

New York Times: “The Memes Are Pouring the White Claw Down Your Throat” quoted Doctoral Candidate Emily Hund.

Columbia Journalism Review: “After DeepNude, Ideas for More Conscientious Coverage of Synthetic Media” was written by Doctoral Candidate Muira McCammon.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “The Kenney Administration’s Trump-Like New Policy is Bad for Journalism” was written by Doctoral Candidate Muira McCammon.

Les Echos: “Le plan des Gafa face aux pressions de Washington” quoted Doctoral Candidate Pawel Popiel. (in French)

Research conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center was covered in the following media outlets:

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Media, Inequality, and Change Center Studies Privacy Burdens of Cell-Mostly Internet Users” covered research supported by the Media, Inequality and Change (MIC) Center.

Awards & Honors

Professor Damon Centola won the Harrison White Outstanding Book Award from the American Sociological Association’s Section on Mathematical Sociology for his book How Behavior Spreads.

Professor Julia Ticona received a $2.5 million collaborative grant — along with scholars from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania State University, West Virginia University, and the University of Pennsylvania — from the National Science Foundation. [READ MORE]

Lecturer Carlin Romano received one of this year’s two competitive Faculty Research Grants from the James Joo-Jin Kim Program in Korean Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. The grant will fund a research trip to South Korea for Romano, who is writing a book about the force of traditional Asian thought traditions in our globalized world.

Doctoral Candidate Soojong Kim received a research grant from the Waterhouse Family Institute at Villanova University. [READ MORE]

At the Podium

At the 2019 Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference in New Orleans, the following faculty and students presented research: Professor Jessa Lingel, Postdoctoral Fellow Elisabetta Ferrari, Postdoctoral Fellow Fernanda R. Rosa, Doctoral Candidate Zane Griffin Talley Cooper, Doctoral Candidate Chloé Nurik, and Staff Member Kyle Cassidy.

Professor Damon Centola delivered a keynote address at the Greater Philadelphia Economy League conference. He also gave public talks at the Harvard Club, Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, the Aspen Institute Working Group on Vaccine Hesitancy, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and the Climate and Land Use Alliance.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson moderated a panel on combating disinformation at the Intelligence & National Security Summit in Maryland. She also spoke to state and local policy makers at the 2019 Eastern Leadership Academy.

Professor Joseph Turow gave two lectures and a master class with Ph.D. students, and participated in a faculty seminar at the University of Copenhagen.

Professor Guobin Yang gave a talk entitled “Red Guards, Live Streamers, and Tweeps: Performance Ethics in Work, Politics, and Play in China and the U.S.” at Rutgers University.

Research Director Ken Winneg spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce conference, entitled Civics Forward, about civics education.

The Center for Media at Risk hosted its annual introductory colloquium, in which Visiting Scholar Natalia Roudakova and Visiting Scholar Silvo Waisbord shared their academic histories and interests.

At the OurNetworks conference in Toronto, Postdoctoral Fellow Elisabetta Ferrari facilitated a hands-on session, entitled “Radical Internet Futures: Let’s Draw Them Together,” based on the visual focus group method she created for her dissertation.

The Annenberg School hosted an opening for Doctoral Candidate Zane Griffin Talley Cooper’s art exhibit “Alchemical Infrastructures: Making Blockchain in Iceland,” which is on display through May 2020.

Doctoral Candidate Emily Dean Hund was interviewed on stage at The Atlantic Festival.

The Annenberg School memorialized our late colleague and friend, Professor Emeritus Paul Messaris, with a service that included remembrances from faculty, students, alumni, and staff members.

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC) welcomed Sean Jacobs of The New School for a talk on his book Media in Postapartheid South Africa: Postcolonial Politics in the Age of Globalization.

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC) welcomed Anikó Imre of the University of Southern California for its Distinguished Lecture in Global Communication. Imre’s talk was entitled “Secrets Without Agents: From Big Brother to Big Data.”

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC) co-sponsored an event entitled “An Evening with Hisham Matar.”

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC), the Center for Experimental Ethnography, and the Center for Media at Risk co-sponsored the GeoSocial Encounters Symposium, entitled “Ecologies of Documentary Research & Practice.”

The Center for Media at Risk hosted an opening for its art exhibit “Meme Tactics: How Artists Innovate Media to Make Underheard Voices Go Viral,” which will be on display through May 2020. This event was co-sponsored by the Center on Digital Culture and Society.

The Center for Media at Risk co-sponsored an event entitled Field of Vision: Documentary Shorts.

The Elihu Katz Colloquium Series welcomed Colin Jerolmack of New York University to give a talk entitled “Fracking, Freedom, and Community in an Appalachian Town.”

Alumna Kimberly Meltzer (Ph.D. ’07) gave a talk on her book From News to Talk: The Expansion of Opinion and Commentary in U.S. Journalism at the Penn Bookstore.

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