Turow Honored as a Data Privacy Pioneer

Professor Joseph Turow is a featured subject of a series of stories honoring privacy leaders.  

Published by TRUSTe, a data privacy solutions provider, Prof. Turow is featured subjects who are considered leaders for “their significant achievements in privacy innovation, encompassing technology, regulation, public opinion, academic research and industry solutions.”  

Entitled “The TRUSTe Privacy Pioneers and Mavericks Series,” the program will interview and feature individuals whose contributions have made a difference in advancing data privacy management innovation over the past decade and a half. Online privacy remains in a period of tremendous change, with rapid growth in mobile, online behavioral advertising (OBA) and other innovative tracking technologies that are transforming the collection and use of customer data. TRUSTe hopes the series will serve as a catalyst to help drive continued advances in how businesses collect and use customer information while building trust and driving engagement online. Each interview in the series focuses on an individual whose efforts have made an impact in the industry for businesses or consumers, highlighting topics ranging from the creation of cookies and their original intent to how privacy became a hot topic warranting its own profession. Additionally, the interviews will share the individual’s view and predictions about the changing online landscape and how they believe privacy issues can be best addressed moving forward.