Romano Lectures at Nanjing, Shanghai, and Kyoto Universities

Annenberg's Carlin Romano, now coming to the end of his spring semester as Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University, recently delivered lectures at Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Kyoto.

In Nanjing, Romano lectured to the Communication Department on "Why We Need the Philosophy of Journalism" and to the Foreign Studies Department on "Literary Life in America Today." At the "Recreating Chinese Philosophy" Conference at Shanghai Jiao Tong University--co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department of East China Normal University, and attended by scholars from around China--Romano spoke about his book, America the Philosophical, and the linkages between Chinese and American philosophy. He also conducted a conference-wide public conversation (in English) on the subject.

At the University of Kyoto, Romano was one of two invited American philosophers--the other being Hilary Putnam of Harvard University--to speak to the initial "Japanese Forum on American Philosophy," the first gathering ever of Japanese scholars of the subject. Romano lectured on America the Philosophical and his new book project, Is There an Asian Philosophy?

Romano's most recent essay as Critic-at-Large of The Chronicle of Higher Education--posted and published in late July--is "Revanchism and its Costs," a look at the rise of revanchism and irredentism in Russia and the Mideast, and how scholarship in four different academic fields sheds light on the issues involved.