Scholars to meet in Budapest on intellectual property

Visiting professor Monroe Price is a session leader at the upcoming Summer Seminar "Intellectual Property in Comparative Perspective: Cultural Implications of Technological Change," August 1-12, at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

The goal of the two-week seminar is to build transnational expertise in the area of intellectual property, especially in relation to cultural production and technological change. This event is an inaugural effort of the Communications and Media Studies Center at CEU and the product of collaboration among several institutions: the CEU, the Social Science Research Council, the Department of Culture and Communications at New York University, the Stanhope Center for Communications Policy Research in London, the Cardozo School of Law, and the Annenberg School for Communication.

Participants include Anneberg Ph.D. students Bill Herman, Lee Shaker, Susan Haas, and Jocelyn Landau, as well as Susan Abbott, Senior Research Coordinator, Annenberg Project for Global Communications Studies.