Senator Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff Visits Undergrad Class

On March 26, Tamera Luzzatto, chief of staff to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, appeared before Professor Al Felzenberg's class, Communications and Congress (Comm 374-301). She focused on the rewards in public service, multiple issues currently before Congress, and challenges inherent in working for a highly visible Senator of a major state, who is simultaneously running for president.

Ms. Luzzatto began her talk by tracing her own career path from an undergraduate interested in politics to her most recent two posts as principal adviser to two United States Senators. Prior to joining Senator Clinton's staff in 2000, Ms. Luzzatto served as chief of staff to Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-West Va).

Members of the greater Annenberg community were invited to sit in and many who were not enrolled in the class took advantage of the opportunity.