Slate Features Interview with Barbie Zelizer


Slate has published a Q&A interview with Professor Barbie Zelizer. An excerpt follows, and the full interview can be read here.

"The camera's eye brings to journalism a cornucopia of images: Grip-and-grins, parades, head shots, coronations, sporting matches, political protests, and unleashed dogs running in the park. But ever since photographs started elbowing their way into newspapers more than a century ago, a different kind of picture, one that did not illustrate a story but is the story, has become a distinct subgenre of photojournalism—the deadly image.

The emergence and cultural meaning photographs of the dead, the dying, and the potentially doomed published in the press and on the airwaves is the subject of Barbie Zelizer's densely packed, enlightening new book, About To Die: How News Images Move the Public."