Turow testifies to U.S.Senate Commerce Committee

Prof. Joseph Turow from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication addressed members of the United States Senate on Tuesday, July 27, asking them to consider measures that insure the privacy of consumers.          

“We must move from the current marketing regime that uses information with abandon – where people’s data are being sliced and diced to create reputations for them that they don’t know about and might not agree with – to a regime that acts toward information with respect,” said Turow, the Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication at Annenberg. 

Prof. Turow is one of a number of individuals who testified about technology-enhanced privacy of consumer data. The Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation also heard from representatives of Google, Facebook, AT&T, and the Cato Institute. The hearing came amid greater momentum in the House to create a framework legislation on how Web sites can handle user information. Bills have been introduced that would force Web sites to ask for explicit permission to gather some sensitive information.

In addition, Prof. Turow spoke to The Washington Post after his testimony. You can read the Q&A with him here.