Williams Reports on the Current Climate of Journalists Salaries

Alex T. Williams's "How poorly are journalists paid? Depends on where you live", appeared in Poynter.org 's Job News section June 26, 2015. Reporting on research conducted as a Google Journalism Fellow last summer at The Pew Research Center, Williams compared the salaries of journalists around the country. The results were mixed. While 13 states showed journalists' compensation to be above the salary median, 23 states came in under the median.  These states tended to be in the Midwest and Northwest while the higher-than-median states were largely in the Southwest and Southeast (where there are fewer jobs in the field, compared to the Northeast or West Coast). 

What's especially telling about the current climate for journalism is the growing income gap between PR specialists and reporters, with PR specialists averaging $54,900 in salary to the $35,600 salary average of reporters.