Zelizer Delivers Two Lectures at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Picture of Professor Barbie Zelizer at Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn Scholars Program in Culture and Communication

Professor Barbie Zelizer recently delivered two talks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

On October 23 she delivered the Tobias Lecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center for Jewish Studies.  The title of her talk was “The Holocaust in Visual Memory.”

The talk addressed how the Holocaust was visualized in the news and how it has been sustained in the depiction of other incidents of genocide over time.  This lecture will be available for download through iTunes U, approximately two weeks after the lecture date. Click here for more information.

On October 24 Professor Zelizer delivered the Ivan L. Preston Research Colloquium at the University Of Wisconsin School Of Journalism and Mass Communication titled “When is a Crisis a Crisis?”  This talk addressed current rhetoric about what is commonly called the crisis in journalism. It focused particularly on discussions of new media as a way of underscoring the problems inherent with invoking the idea of crisis to explain the current challenges facing journalism.