Zelizer Discusses Press Freedoms During News Interviews, Lecture in Oslo

Zelizer on Norwegian television Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn

Professor Barbie Zelizer’s early January trip to Oslo to speak about war and journalism at the Akershus University College of Applied Sciences took on more relevance in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. She did multiple interviews with the press in Oslo about the incident, including an appearance on Norwegian television discussing editorial cartoons and their place in journalism.

“Images help us care,” she says in the television interview.  “Anything involving an unsettled consensus we [can] see more prominently in pictures.  We see more pictures when things are more difficult to understand.  The problem comes in that we haven’t thought about how those images work differently than words.”

 (Note, although the program is in Norwegian, Professor Zelizer’s portion is in English.  Please select item number five below the playback window to see it.)

During her talk at the university she said the media should publish the types of cartoons that led to the terrorist attacks. She said editorial cartoons should not be censored, and that such content provides different interpretations of the news.  A hyperlink to her lecture can be seen here.  Additionally, a hyperlink to an interview she gave with Aftenposten, the largest daily newspaper in Oslo, is here. Note: both are in Norwegian.