Annenberg Student Presentations at the 2013 ICA Conference

17 Jun 2013
  Jin Woo Kim   Fully Considered Healthcare Policy Preferences and Deliberation Effects on Opinion Change
  Dror Walter, Lilach Nir, Ph.D. (with Tamir Sheafer and Shaul Shenhav, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem)   Not All Countries Are Created Equal: Foreign Nation Visibility in U.S. News and Entertainment Media
  Katherine Felsburg Wong  
Redefining Regions and Roles: The Case of Twitter and the Food Service Industry  
  Sara Mourad   Egypt’s Nude Blogger: Sexuality, Citizenship, and Arab Body Politics
  Brett A. Bumgarner   Mobilizing the Gay Bar: Grindr and the Layering of Spatial Context
  Stephanie Mannis   Butch in the Sheets: Representations of Masculine Women in Pornography
  Yoel Roth   Locating the “Scruff Guy”: From Bodies to Communities in Bear-Targeted Social Media
  Sijia Yang   Process of Online Political Discussions and Public Opinion(s) Formation/Expression: A Three-Stage Model Based Upon Emergent Social Identities
  Omar Al-Ghazzi   Geographies of Sound: The Flow and Entrapment of Syrian Jazeera Music
  Nicholas Gilewicz (with Francois Allard, Univ. of Paris – Sorbonne)   Digital Parrhesia: Towards a New Ethical and Reflexive Framework for Digital Communication
  Jingwen Zhang John B. Jemmott, III, Ph.D.   Relationships Between Unintentional Exposure to Internet Sexual Content and Sexual Behavioral Intention Among Chinese Youth
  Kate Zambon   The Spatial Production of the Civic Nation: Berlin’s World Cup Flag Fight (ERIC Top Paper Award Winner)
  Gretta Moody   “Darkdown”: The Ideal Black Community in late-19th Century White Imagination
  Omar Al-Ghazzi   Dramatizing Syrian Identity: The Case of Bab al-Hara & the Damascene Milieu Television Series
  Omar Al-Ghazzi   De-Westernizing New Media Discourse: The Case of Citizen Journalism in the Arab World (Top Student Paper)
  Nora Draper   Beyond 2010: Assessing South Africa’s Domestic Nation Branding Strategy
  Le Han   Beyond Control and Resistance: Transforming Journalism in the Chinese Microbglogosphere
  Alexandra Sastre   The “Guido” Situation: Constructing Ethnicity on MTV’s Jersey Shore
  Gretta Moody   Vloggers and the “Black” Label: Audience Understandings of “Black” Media in the Digital Age
  Piotr M. Szpunar   Homeland: The Homegrown Terrorist, The Enamy, “Our” Double (Top Paper in Popular Communication)
  David Conrad   Deconstructing the Community Radio Model: Applying Practice to Theory in East Africa
  Derek Blackwell   Forty is the New 65? “Older Adults” as Niche Market in the Online Dating Industry
  Sandra Ristovska   Testimony and the Failure of Communication
  Sandra Ristovska   Roma Visuals Between the Symbolic and the Particular
  Douglas Allen Devra C. Moehler, Ph.D. Elizabeth Roodhouse   Loud and Clear: Effects of Homogenous and Extreme Partisan Media Diets
  Nora Draper   The Social Side of Disruptive Innovations: An Analysis of Polaroid’s Cultural Legacy
  Sun ha Hong (with Francois Allard – Univ. of Paris Sorbonne)   Problematizing Digital Transparency: The Normative and Axiological Functions of “Transparency Discourse” in Online Public Relations
  Sandra Ristovska   Roma and Sulukule: Heritage, Memory, Identity, and a Destruction of a Community
  Nora Draper   The New Reputation Custodians: Repositioning Individuals as the Guardians of their Online Reputation
  Hyun Suk Kim   Message Strategies and Risk Perceptions: Health Messages, Cognitive Processing, and Behavioral Outcomes (Chair)
  Sharrona Pearl, Ph.D. Alexandra Sastre   The Image is (Not) the Event: Negotiating the Pedagogy of Controversial Images
  Christopher Brown Debra C. Moehler, Ph.D. Elizabeth Roodhouse   Effects of Partisan Rhetoric on Attention and Influence in the Blogosphere
  Alexandra Sastre   Vakko and the Veil: Negotiating History and Agency Through an Iconic Turkish Band
  Emily Thorson, Ph.D.   Belief Echoes: The Persistent Effects of Corrected Misinformation
  Nicholas Gilewicz   News is an Act of Faith: Failure and Religiosity in Final Issues of Failed Newspapers
  Hyun Suk Kim Khyhung Lee   When Big Brother Uses Twitter, Too: Productive Forms of Policing the Seoul G20 Protests in South Korea
  Le Han   Tweet to Remember: Moments of Crisis in the Chinese Microblogosphere



Julie Sloane