Yahui Kang, Joseph N. Cappella. “Emotional Reactions to and Perceived Effectiveness of Media Messages: Appraisal and Message Sensation Value.” Western Journal of Communication, 2008.

Yahui Kang, Joseph N. Cappella
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Article by Yahui Kang and Joseph N. Cappella in the Western Journal of Communication (Vol. 72, No. 1, 2008, 40-61). 

Appraisal theory examines how cognitive appraisals of events lead to specific emotions. Message sensation value (MSV) may work as an elicitor of arousal to intensify the impact of discrete emotions on message effectiveness evaluation. The impacts of appraisal and MSV were examined in the context of public service announcements to illustrate effective ways to construct emotional and persuasive messages. Using a 2 (ad sets) 2 (presentation orders)2 (ad valence) mixed design, this study replicated the links between appraisal and corresponding emotions found in the interpersonal context, located several discrete emotions that were perceived to be more persuasive than others, and suggested a moderating role for MSV on the relationship between discrete emotions and perceived message effectiveness.