"A Manifesto for Media in a Warming World." Media Theory, 2018.

Global warming is popularly visualized as distant, immaterial and abstract. Images of polar bears and melting icebergs paint climate change as a de-humanized and irrelevant phenomenon. But global warming is anything but irrelevant – it is a very real, very tangible and very material present reality “stuck” to each and every one of us. Global warming is a physical act of unresolved imperial violence – with a disproportionate degree of impact on the formerly colonized world. And yet, this violence often goes unnoted. A visual intervention is required. In my manifesto, I propose a set of three intercessions for the mediation of global warming. I argue that global warming should be mediated as: (1) Situated and Intimate, (2) Transhistorical Trauma of Imperial Modernity and (3) Uncanny Undulation. Mediations must overwhelm, disturb and break the binaries of self and other, seen and unseen, here and there, now and then. Recognition and resolution of the material consequences of global warming will not occur otherwise.