"All Virtue Is Relative: A Response to Prior." Political Communication, 2013.

Seth K. Goldman, Diana C. Mutz, and Susana Dilliplane
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In “Reply to Dilliplane, Goldman, and Mutz,” Markus Prior suggests that a proposed new method of measuring exposure to political television, the program list technique, is ill advised on the grounds of construct validity, convergent validity, predictive validity, and reliability. This article responds to each of these arguments in turn, highlighting technical as well as conceptual misunderstandings. Many of Prior’s criticisms are directed at traditional survey measures of media exposure, not at the measures proposed in this article that appeared in the American Journal of Political Science (Dilliplane, Goldman, & Mutz, 2013). Given that few people defend traditional media exposure measures, and this problem has been much lamented elsewhere, the authors see little disagreement in this regard. The goal was to improve upon the approach most widely used today, a goal the authros think they have achieved.

Published in Volume 30, Issue 3, pages 635-653