Keywords in News and Journalism Studies. Open University Press, 2010.

Cover of the book Keywords in News and Journalism at Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn
Barbie Zelizer and Stuart Allan

A comprehensive glossary offering clear and insightful definitions of the most significant keywords in news and journalism studies.

Ranging from 'above the fold' to 'zinger,' and with over 400 terms in between, it covers words associated with newspapers, radio and television news, magazines, photojournalism, and internet reporting. Other examples include 'agenda setting,' 'libel,' 'news values,' 'objectivity,' 'scoop,' and 'tabloidization.'

Written by two of the field's leading scholars, it offers an informed perspective on the key terms. It considers a range of genres, including business, crime, environmental, fashion, lifestyle, investigative, science, sports, and war journalism as well as looking at new alternatives such as 'Wikinews' and 'Twitter.'

This lively and engaging treatment will provide students, researchers, and journalists with a solid grounding in the fast-moving vocabulary of news and journalism studies.