Chul-Joo Lee, Robert C. Hornik. “Physician Trust Moderates the Internet Use and Physician Visit Relationship.” Journal of Health Communication, 2009.

Chul-Joo Lee, Robert C. Hornik
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Article by Chul-Joo Lee and Robert C. Hornik in the Journal of Health Communication (Issue 14, 2009, 70-76). 

Prior research found that Internet use for health information leads to more frequent physician visits. This study explores the conditions under which this effect works by examining whether trust in health information from health professionals plays a moderating role in the associations between Internet use and the frequency of physician visits. This study uses a two-wave panel dataset with a U.S. nationally representative sample gathered in 2005 and 2006. The results show that the effects of Internet use on physician visits are larger for those who have low levels of trust in both cross-sectional and panel analyses.