Research in Micropolitics, Volume 6: Political Decision-Making, Deliberation and Participation. Emerald Group, 2002.

Political Decision Making, Delli Carpini
Editors: Michael X. Delli Carpini, Leonie Huddy, and Robert Y. Shapiro
Research Area: 

This volume of Research in Micropolitics is the sixth in a series dating back to 1989. It is also the third and final volume under our editorship. As with previous volumes our goal is to publish essays on a variety of substantive, conceptual and methodological issues of relevance to political psychology, with particular emphasis on promising new areas of theory and research. While the specific topic of each essay varies, all authors provide interpretive reviews of recent and important research in their fields. Several also present original or updated findings from their own research.

The essays in this collection address three important and interrelated themes in the theory and practice of democratic politics. They also draw on a well-established body of theory and findings from within psychology, including research on information processing and intergroup relations, to critique and enrich current political research.